To paraphrase Marx, the ruling ideas in society are the ideas of the ruling class. That’s why they must be challenged and interrogated, and why we take seriously the development of our own theory and the writing of our own history.

On this page, we aim to provide a guide to contemporary and historical Marxist theory and the history of struggles of the working class and the oppressed, particularly that which concerns socialists in Australia. This list is in the process of development and change – please bear with us while we finalise it. If you have suggestions, please send them to us.


Introductions to Marxism
Aboriginal oppression and history
Anarchism and autonomism
Arab Spring 2011-
Australian imperialism
Australian Labor Party
Australian Labor Party history – Solidarity series
Australian labour history
Australian racism
Climate change and the environment
Economic crisis (2008-)
Historical materialism
Immigration and refugees
Imperialism and war
Israel and Palestine
The Global South
Latin America
Leninism and revolutionary organisation
LGBT oppression and sexuality
Marxist economics
Marxist philosophy
National liberation
Permanent revolution
Revolutions in history
Revolutionary press
Revolutionary women – Solidarity series
The Russian Revolution
Science and the natural world
Socialist strategy and tactics
Stalinism and state capitalism
Students and universities
The state
Trade unions and strikes
The working class
The United States
Women’s liberation

Introductions to Marxism

How Marxism works Chris Harman
One of the best introductions to Marxism.

Marxism at the millennium Tony Cliff
Covers some basic Marxist principles and developments of Marxist theory in the second half of the 20th century in an easy read.

Socialism: Utopian and Scientific  Frederick Engels
A classic polemic that helped define Marxist socialism.

The Three Sources and Component Parts of Marxism Vladimir Lenin
The evolution of Marx’s ideas, explained by Lenin.

The Two Souls of Socialism Hal Draper
A classic polemic against Stalinist and state socialism and for workers’ power.

What is the real Marxist tradition? John Molyneux
A withering critique of traditions often referred to as Marxism, such as Maoism, and a defence of classical Marxism.


Aboriginal oppression and history

From little things, big things grow: the first Gurundji strike

Hawke, Keating and Aboriginal rights: Labor’s sorry history Jean Parker

Intervention motives more serious than mining Paddy Gibson

Locked up and killed for being black: Racism, black deaths in custody and the NT Intervention Paddy Gibson

Noonkanbah: when Aboriginal people and unionists united for land rights Mark Gillespie

Red and black: a history of the Communist Party’s support for Aboriginal struggles Jean Parker

Tent Embassy 1972: Land rights or else! Solidarity

The brutal theft of a continent goes on in Australia Paddy Gibson

The NT Intervention and the new politics of assimilation Paddy Gibson

Twenty years since Mabo: why Native Title hasn’t delivered Paddy Gibson


Lessons from the fight against Apartheid in South Africa Paddy Gibson

The Marikana massacre and South Africa since Apartheid Lucy Honan

South Africa after apartheid Alex Callinicos

Zimbabwe: imperialism, democracy and fake nationalism Leo Zeilig

Zimbabwe: the road from liberation to dictatorship Jarvis Ryan


An introduction to Marx’s theory of alienation Judy Cox

Is the media all powerful? Chris Nineham

Marx’s theory of alienation: a world where workers have no control Amy Thomas

Anarchism and autonomism

Can we change the world without taking power? John Holloway and Alex Callinicos debate

In perspective: John Holloway Paul Blackledge

Tony Negri in perspective Alex Callinicos

Marxism and anarchism Paul Blackledge

Arab Spring 2011-

Counter-revolution and myths of foreign plots Sameh Naguib

Egypt’s revolution and the Muslim Brotherhood Erima Dall

The Egyptian workers’ movement and the 25 January revolution Anne Alexander

Imperialism, sectarianism and Syria’s revolution Joseph Daher

Lessons from last time: national liberation and the Arab world James Supple

Never going back: Egypt’s continuing revolution Phil Marfleet

Sisi’s Egypt Sameh Naguib

Syria, war and imperialism: why the main enemy is at home Geraldine Fela

Taking sides in Syria Simon Assaf

The spectre of counter-revolution Alex Callinicos

Australian imperialism

Australia: imperial master of Papua New Guinea Tom Orsag

Australia’s war against Japan: the myth of the ‘good war’ Adrian Skerritt

Robbers and spoilers: Australia and Britain in the 19th century Pacific Tom O’Lincoln

Sheriff Howard on the world stage: a critique of the nationalist response Jean Parker

West Papua: Australian complicity and the fight for freedom Tom Orsag

Australian Labor Party

After 100 years in parliament: Has Labor changed? Phil Griffiths

Four years of Labor: What went wrong? Mark Gillespie

How Peter Garrett lost his way David Glanz

Kevin Rudd, Labor, and the real faceless men Amy Thomas

Labor’s useless policies gave Abbott his chance (2013) Amy Thomas

Saving capitalism: Rudd, Labor and social democracy (2009) Ian Rintoul

“Socialism in our time”: Communists and the NSW Labor Party during the Great Depression Terry Symonds

The tangled roots of Labor Erima Dall

What’s the real Labor tradition? Phil Griffiths

Why Labor got it so wrong (2013) David Glanz

Australian Labor Party history – Solidarity series (in order)

World War 1 and conscription: how the unions fought to expel a Labor Prime Minister Tom Orsag

Socialism in our time: The story of Jack Lang and NSW Labor in the Great Depression Jean Parker

Wage cuts and bailouts: Labor and The Great Depression Jean Parker

The 1950s great Labor split: a battle for control that nearly tore Labor apart James Supple

Whitlam: Labor’s golden age? Jean Parker

Labor’s Accord: How Hawke and Keating began a neo-liberal revolution Jean Parker

Labor’s love affair with the market: the Keating years Jean Parker

Australian labour history

1949 coal strike: How Chifley lost Labor’s supporters David Glanz

1973 Ford Broadmeadows strike: how migrant workers rose up Tom Orsag

Defying the law: the 1982 Queensland general strike Amy Thomas

How the penal powers were defeated Amy Thomas

Labor and the depression: the Great coal lockout of 1949 Carl Taylor

MUA here to stay!: ten years on from the Maritime dispute Mark Gillespie

Strike Fraser Out! Phil Griffiths

Understanding Australian history Phil Griffiths

Unions versus Labor: the 1948 rail strike Mark Gillespie

Australian racism (see also Aboriginal oppression and history, Immigration and refugees)

Australian racism: whose ideology? Terry Symonds

Footsoldiers of capital: the influence of RSL racism Sarah Gregson

Probing Australia’s racist roots Mark Goudkamp

Racism and class in Australian history (collection of articles) Phil Griffiths

Racism in Australia: the working class is not to blame James Supple

Racism, White Australia and the union movement Jasmine Ali

Racism: whitewashing the class divide Phil Griffiths

The making of White Australia (thesis) Phil Griffiths


Indonesia: from ‘reformasi’ to reaction Tom O’Lincoln

One of the 20th centuries greatest crimes: inside Indonesia’s anti-Communist purge Lachlan Marshall

Over the hills and far away: left politics in the Phillipines David Glanz

The unchallenged rise of anti-Tamil racism in Sri Lanka Mark Gillespie


1927: When China’s workers struggled for power Feiyi Zhang

Capitalism and class conflict in the new China by Adrian Skerritt

Is China headed for world domination? Feiyi Zhang

Contagious strikes: How China’s workers are fighting back

Leon Trotsky’s collected writings on China

Climate change and the environment

Are first world workers to blame for climate change? Jasmine Ali

Building a movement against climate change Solidarity

Climate change and class conflict Chris Harman

Climate politics after Copenhagen Jonathon Neale

Climate change: why population is not to blame Amy Thomas

Corporations and climate change whmcs Amy Thomas

Fighting Abbott’s climate denial: why we shouldn’t defend the carbon tax Chris Breen

The 1970s anti-uranium campaign James Supple

Marx’s ecology Jasmine Ali

Unions and the fight for the environment Emma Torzillo

Why challenging climate change means challenging capitalism Amy Thomas

Why world leaders love nuclear power Amy Thomas


Marxism and disability Roddy Slorach

Economic crisis (2008-)

From the credit crunch to the spectre of global crisis Chris Harman

Marxist accounts of the current crisis Joseph Choonara


Revolution and civil war in Spain Freya Bundey

Revolution and counter-revolution in Spain Felix Morrow

Trotsky on the rise of fascism (collection)

Trotsky, fascism and the united front Carl Taylor

Plumbing the depths: Marxism and the Holocaust Alex Callinicos

Historical materialism

A People’s History of the World Chris Harman

Base and superstructure Chris Harman

Preface of A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy Karl Marx

The German Ideology Karl Marx

Immigration and refugees

Detention, racism and refugees: A Solidarity pamphlet

How the refugee movement changed public opinion last time Ian Rintoul

Immigration is not to blame for cuts to jobs and wages James Supple

Malcolm Fraser’s refugee policy: no model for today Hal Hewson

No need for any refugee detention at all Ian Rintoul

Open letter to the left: welcome 457 visa workers Solidarity

Racism, immigration and border controls James Supple

Refugees and capitalism Jarvis Ryan and Tad Tietze

Refugees and resistance in detention Ian Rintoul

The history of mandatory detention James Supple

Why refugee activists should support open borders James Supple

Imperialism and war

Analysing imperialism Chris Harman

Imperialism and the world economy Bukharin

Imperialism: the highest stage of capitalism Lenin

The United Nations and the politics of imperialism Duncan Blackie

Was the Second World War a war for democracy? Chris Bambery

Israel and Palestine

Israel: The Hijack State by John Rose

Powerless in Gaza: the Palestinian Authority and the myth of the peace process by Anne Alexander

The Global South

Aid, governance and exploitation Charlie Kimber

Globalisation and the Third World Phil Marfleet

Latin America

Chile 1973: the other 11th of September Ian Birchall

Cuba: no model for socialism in the 21st century Mark Gillespie

Cuba, socialism and Castro’s legacy David Glanz

Evo Morales’ wrong turn in Bolivia Mike Gonzales

Haiti: repression and resistance Mike Gonzales

Leninism and revolutionary organisation

Lenin Volume 1: Building the Party Tony Cliff

Lenin: a study in the unity of his thought Georg Lukacs

Party and Class Chris Harman

Marxism and the party John Molyneux

Why do we need a revolutionary party? Tony Cliff

LGBT oppression and sexuality

Equal love, equal rights: rediscovering the red in the rainbow Amy Thomas

The roots of gay oppression Norah Carlin

Can identity politics liberate the oppressed? Sharon Smith

Class divisions in the gay community Peter Morgan

Marxist economics

A Permanent Arms Economy Mike Kidron

Capital Volume 1 Capital Volume 2 Capital Volume 3 Karl Marx

Crisis in Australian history Phil Griffiths

Economics of the madhouse Chris Harman

Introducing Marxist economics

Keynes or Marx? Feiyi Zhang

The crisis of bourgeoise economics Chris Harman

The rate of profit and the world today Chris Harman

Unravelling Capitalism Joseph Choonara

What is exploitation? Amy Leather

Marxist philosophy

Anti-Duhring Frederick Engels

History and Class Conciousness Georg Lukacs

Is Marxism deterministic? John Molyneux

Theses on Fueurbach Karl Marx

National liberation

The return of the national question Chris Harman

The right of nations to self-determination Lenin

Marxism and the national question Alex Callinicos


Theorising neoliberalism Chris Harman

Unravelling the neo-liberal paradox with Marx Jean Parker

Permanent revolution

Deflected permanent revolution Tony Cliff

The permanent revolution Leon Trotsky

Trotsky’s theory of permanent revolution and its relevance to the Third World today Alex Callinicos


The police: armed guards for the rich and powerful James Supple

Racist cops are the real criminals Amy Thomas


Defending multiculturalism Jasmine Ali

Norway massacre: the ugly face of Islamophobia Amy Thomas

The Hijab, Racism and the State Antoine Boulangé

The changing face of racism James Supple


Reform or Revolution Rosa Luxemburg


Marxism and Religion John Molyneux

The Prophet and the Proletariat Chris Harman


The revolutionary ideas of Antonio Gramsci Penny Howard

Revolutions in history

The Civil War in France Karl Marx

1905 Leon Trotsky

France 1968 Tony Cliff and Ian Birchall

Collected writings on the Spanish revolution Leon Trotsky

The last wave of Arab revolt: Iraq 1958 by Mark Gillespie

Portugal at the crossroads Tony Cliff

Revolutionary press

The revolutionary press by Chris Harman

What is to be done? Vladimir Lenin

Revolutionary women – Solidarity series

Louise Michel and the Paris Commune Jasmine Ali

Clara Zetkin: women’s suffrage and socialism Lucy Honan

Alexandra Kollontai: revolution and women’s liberation Freya Bundey

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn: rebel women and radical unionism Erima Dall

Sylvia Pankhurst: socialism, suffrage and the sisterhood? Lucy Honan

The Russian Revolution

The Russian Civil War: a Marxist analysis Megan Trudell

The History of the Russian Revolution Leon Trotsky

The Lessons of October Leon Trotsky

The Revolution Betrayed by Leon Trotsky

Science and the natural world

Engels and natural science Paul McGarr

Engels and the origins of human society Chris Harman

The part played by labour in the transition from ape to man Frederick Engels

Socialist strategy and tactics

The United Front Leon Trotsky

Left-wing communism: an infantile disorder Vladimir Lenin

Whither the Propaganda Perspective Ian Rintoul


Is human nature a barrier to socialism? John Molyneux

Revolution in the 21st century Chris Harman

The Communist Manifesto Karl Marx and Fredreich Engels

The future socialist society John Molyneux

Stalinism and state capitalism

Socialism yes, occupation no!: Czechhoslovakia 1968 by James Robertson

A short autumn of utopia: The East German revolution of 1989 by Gareth Dale

State Capitalism by Peter Binns

Russia: how the revolution was lost by Chris Harman

China: whose revolution? by Charlie Hore

Students and universities

Student power? Chris Harman

Universities in a neoliberal world Alex Callinicos

The state

The state and capitalism today Chris Harman

The State and Revolution by Vladimir Lenin

Trade unions and strikes

Marxism and the trade union struggle Tony Cliff and Donny Gluckstein

The general strike Chris Harman

The Mass Strike Rosa Luxemburg


Tony Cliff: a revolutionary thinker by Amy Thomas

Deflected permanent revolution by Tony Cliff

Trotskyism by Alex Callinicos

Trotskyism after Trotsky by Tony Cliff

The working class

The new middle class and socialists Alex Callinicos

The workers of the world Chris Harman

Why the working class Hal Draper

The United States

1934: The year of the fightback John Newsinger

1937: The year of the sitdown John Newsinger

The hidden history of US radicalism Megan Trudell

Women’s liberation

Marxism and feminism today by Judith Orr

Theories of patriarchy by Lindsey German

Engels and the Origins of Human Society by Chris Harman

Abortion: the fight that’s still to be won by Judy McVey

Class struggle and women’s liberation by Tony Cliff

Social Basis of the Woman Question by Alexandra Kollantai

Women’s Liberation and Revolutionary Socialism by Chris Harman

Women and the Communist Party by Phil Griffiths

Army’s rotten sexism: a product of training killers Jasmine Ali


Ghandi’s ‘Salt March’ and the myth of non-violence Lucy Honan

Their Morals and Ours by Leon Trotsky