Students returning from the Canberra Convergence against the NT intervention have begun organising on their campuses.

In Brisbane, QUT’s social justice collective has already organised a forum of 50 people, and at University of Queensland, 16 people attended a meeting to organise for the upcoming rally at Centrelink.

At Sydney Uni, the anti-racism collective has decided focus on fighting the intervention. They are planning to organise a speaking tour of Vince Forrester, an elder from Mutijulu in the NT.

Students from Newcastle University are also organising for Centrelink actions and supporting the “Nikkinbah survival” event on March 30-the day war was officially declared on aboriginal people in the region.

Preparations are beginning for a “Freedom Ride” through NT communities later this year. On the historic 1965 freedom ride, students challenged the apartheid style policies that existed in remote NSW-policies being reborn through the intervention.


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