The Walk Against Warming rallies this year were smaller that last. This is largely because they had no particular clear demands, and they did not take a position on carbon trading.

If most people think that by introducing carbon trading the government is seriously addressing climate change, the task of building a movement becomes harder. If emissions trading is seen to reduce living standards unfairly, the task will become harder again.

The next big event for the climate movement is the climate action summit from January 31 to February 3 in Canberra to coincide with the opening of Parliament, but it just has the slogan “Time For Action” with no other demands, and what was originally proposed by some as a blockade of parliament has become “encircle parliament” and advertises “TAKE PART IN THE lobbying blitz on Federal MPs.”.

To get solutions on climate change we will need a movement with clear demands that is prepared to fight for them.

By Chris Breen


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