Victoria’s Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has begun assessing HRL’s plan for a new coal power plant in the state. A decision is expected by May 27, according to The Age.

The approval process has been stalled while the EPA waited for HRL to provide extra information needed to complete the assessment.

The Liberal state government has already endorsed the project. Energy and Resources Minister Michael O’Brien commented that, “given the project’s potential to make meaningful reductions in emissions intensity we are committed to fully exploring its merits.”

This “meaningful” reduction will see the brown coal used in the plant release the emissions of a traditional black coal plant, like those in NSW.

Activists targeted the state government in a rally in April during the Climate Summit, demanding it scrap the $50 million it has put towards the project. The federal government is also throwing in $100 million. The government backing makes approval almost certain. The campaign will need to ramp up the pressure to stop this mad plan to expand coal use in Victoria.


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