A window into the upsurge for Women’s Liberation

Brazen Hussies shines a light on the Women’s Liberation Movement in Australia in the 1960s and 1970s.

Pressure on women and families during lockdowns due to sexist system

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the reliance of capitalism on the nuclear family and women’s unpaid domestic labour.

Abortion finally decriminalised in NSW despite right-wing mobilisation

Women’s rights advocates are celebrating after abortion was finally removed from the 119-year-old Crimes Act in NSW. After months...

What causes domestic violence?

Lucy Honan looks at a new book by award-winning journalist Jess Hill on the causes of domestic violence—and what can be done about it

Berejiklian pandering to anti-choice bigots on abortion bill

In an effort to appease the bigots in her party, Premier Gladys Berejiklian delayed the vote on the abortion bill and is considering amendments.

More women deserve places in STEM—no to sexism at UTS

Removing barriers for women in gaining entry to STEM courses is a welcome step in addressing entrenched sexism.

NSW set to decriminalise abortion

A bill to decriminalise abortion in NSW passed the lower house of state parliament on 8 August, overturning an archaic law written 119 years ago.

New campaign fights to decriminalise abortion in NSW

A new lobbying group, the Pro-Choice Alliance, formed by 60 medical and health organisations around NSW, has shone a light on the state’s archaic and sexist abortion laws.

Women in parliament won’t lead a fight against sexism

Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young's suggestion that it was time for a women’s caucus in Parliament to combat sexual harassment and bullying completely missed the mark.

Germaine Greer—ignoring the causes of rape

Germaine Greer’s On Rape ends up trivialising rape and offering only meagre legal solutions that do nothing to tackle the system of sexist oppression, writes Lucy Honan

Abortion decriminalised in Queensland after 50-year struggle

Queensland has finally decriminalised abortion, after state parliament approved new laws on 17 October. It has taken 50 years of struggle and campaigning.

Rape, violence and the fight against the system

Blaming men for sexism and rape obscures the way women’s subordination is structured into capitalism, writes Lucy Honan, and our common interest in fighting it.

Eurydice Dixon and the sexism of the system

In the immediate aftermath of Eurydice’s murder, the Victorian police reproduced the standard victim blaming script. But focusing on changing men's behaviour in response risks taking attention away from the real causes of structural sexism and violence.

Historic vote sees overwhelming victory for abortion rights in Ireland

Ireland has once again made history, voting resoundingly to repeal its 35-year-long constitutional ban on abortion.

Zelda D’Aprano—a fighter for women workers and equal pay

Zelda D’Aprano, who died last month at the age of 90, became a symbol of the struggle for Equal Pay in Australia in October 1969 when she chained herself to the doors of the Commonwealth Building in Melbourne.

#MeToo exposes systemic problem of sexual assault

#MeToo shows how pervasive sexual harassment and abuse are in the lives of all women. The Weinstein case is just the tip of the iceberg in an industry where wealthy sexual predators operate with impunity.

Campus record of sexual assault product of a sexist society

Australia’s universities are fostering an environment where sexual assault and harassment are commonplace, a new Human Rights Commission report shows.

Ford exposes a sexist society, but how do we fight it?

Feminist and media personality Clementine Ford’s first book Fight Like a Girl has gained enormous attention since its publication in October.

Trump’s foul sexism mirrors the sexism of the system

The outrage against Donald Trump’s revolting sexism has dealt a possibly fatal blow to his presidential campaign.

Lessons from women’s liberation in the US

She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry, originally released in 2014, has played to dozens of sold out screenings in Australia, and is now streaming on Netflix.

Suffragettes: The vote, the war and working class women

Geraldine Fela discusses the new film Suffragette, and how the fight for the vote polarised between wealthy and working class women

Domestic violence a product of poverty and class oppression

Malcolm Turnbull and new Minister for Women Michaelia Cash have made a great show of confronting domestic violence. But politicians, celebrities, media outlets and sporting codes have already thrown their weight behind the massive White Ribbon awareness campaign, with no reduction in violence.

Eleanor Marx: A fighter for workers and women

Lucy Honan reviews two new works on the lesser known Marx and her important contributions to Marxist ideas about women’s liberation and class struggle

Position paper on Sexism and Women’s Oppression

Preamble Sexism is as alive as ever. The movements in the 1960s and 70s won gains and transformed women’s lives, but women continue to...

SOS for women’s shelters in NSW

The NSW government is facing a community backlash over new reforms that are forcing women-only shelters and refuges to close or be taken over.

Intersectionality, sexism and the left

Jasmine Ali examines the renewed interest in the idea of intersectionality associated with the revival of feminism

Sexism and the myth of male benefits

The resurgence of feminist organising has led to renewed debate about who benefits from sexism, and who has an interest in fighting it, writes Amy Thomas

Was misogyny to blame for Gillard’s demise?

The Misogyny Factor by Anne Summers, New South Publishing, $19.99 Feminist Anne Summers has argued that unprecedented misogyny was key to Julia Gillard’s demise as...

Protests in India take on sexism and rape

The horrific gang rape of a woman by six men on a public bus in Delhi, India, sparked angry protests across the country in...

On that speech: Julia Gillard, sexism and women in power

It was a speech that stunned the nation and went viral on social media. But what does Gillard’s anti-sexism represent, asks Judy McVey Julia Gillard's...

Sexual liberation and the politics of pornography

Money Shot: A Journey into Porn and Censorship By Jeff Sparrow $29.95, Scribe The left is tangled up in knots over the politics of pornography. Left-wing academics...

Gillard’s anti-sexism hypocrisy

Was it the “real Julia” on display or was it a politician desperately trying to cover up an inglorious political history and her own...

The murder of Jill Meagher and the fight against sexism

There was an outpouring of community concern at the rape and murder of ABC journalist, Jill Meagher. The circumstances of her death—while walking home...

Sexism, psychology and pseudo-science

Review: Delusions of Gender By Cordelia Fine, Allen and Unwin, $29.99 In Delusions of Gender, neuro-scientist Cordelia Fine takes an axe to the drivel of...

Time to fight the rise of sexism

The thousands taking to the streets for “slutwalk” rallies show the anger at the widespread and growing sexism in society—exemplified in the efforts to...

‘SlutWalk’: Women refuse to take the blame for rape

Protests, billed as “SlutWalks”, are spreading after a cop’s sexist comment to Toronto students. Our society promotes and constantly reinforces the idea that women...

Army’s rotten sexism: a product of training killers

New scandals have again exposed the extreme sexism in the Australian military. Jasmine Ali looks at whether promoting more women into combat roles will...

One million protest sexism in Berlusconi’s “bunga bunga” Italy

In early February, over one million people rallied across Italy asking “se non ora quando?” (if not now, when?), demanding an end to the...

Exposing raunch culture and the new sexism

Living Dolls: The Return of Sexism By Natasha Walter Virago, $35 Living Dolls is a compelling must-read for all those interested in understanding sexism today. Through interviews...

Equal love, equal rights: rediscovering the red in the rainbow

Amy Thomas reviews Hannah Dee’s The Red in the Rainbow, an essential look at why fighting homophobia means fighting the system Since the federal election...

Fighting sexism back on the agenda, but how do we do it?

Touted as the first feminist conference in Sydney in 15 years, “F: the conference” was a reminder of how far governments have wound back...

Abortion laws on trial in Queensland

The horrible ordeal faced by the Cairns couple, Tegan Leach and her partner Sergie Brennan, charged “for procuring an abortion” is set to continue...

Sex, sexism and sport: the Caster Semenya case

Caster Semenya, world champion South African runner, is both “a woman… and a man!” So said the New York Daily News, days after the...

Campaigners oppose Queensland charges and call for repeal of anti-abortion laws

Pro-abortion activists are rallying in Queensland to defend a Cairns couple, Tegan Leach and Sergie Brennan, who have been charged under Queensland’s Criminal Code...

NRL scandal: why will no one call it rape?

On May 11, the ABC’s Four Corners ran a program exposing numerous cases of sexual abuse by National Rugby League (NRL) football players. The...

Shopping, sex and the city

Review of Sex and the City, directed by Michael Patrick King Coming to DVD SEX AND the City (SATC), the film based on the television series...

Fear and fantasy in the ‘war on terror’

The Terror Dream: Fear and Fantasy in Post-9/11 America Susan Faludi Scribe Publications, $35 COULD SEPTEMBER 11 really be blamed on the women's movement? Why did...