Issue 20 - Dec

Rudd negotiates away civil rights for LGBTI

Rudd’s Labor government confirmed its homophobic credentials last month by effectively gutting the ACT Labor/Greens government law allowing civil unions for same-sex couples in the territory.

Leaders at Copenhagen won’t save the climate

World leaders are incapable of agreeing to the action necessary to halt dangerous climate change. It is already clear that there will be no deal on reducing greenhouse gases finalised when they

Rudd’s CPRS: worse than useless, worse than ever

With the Senate unable to pass the CPRS, Rudd could be taking his amended scheme to the next election. The deal negotiated by Penny Wong to secure Malcolm Turnbull’s support massively increases

Govt figures prove ‘things are getting worse’

The federal government’s “Closing the Gap in the Northern Territory” monitoring report, released quietly in October, provides damning evidence of the failure of the NT Intervention.

Students shake up Austrian and German universities

Over a month ago students at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna held a protest and occupied their main auditorium. Since then the occupation movement has spread to universities in nine Austrian

Bumpy ride ahead for world economy

A mild panic swept global share markets in the last week of November, when Dubai World, with debts of $US59 billion, asked its banks for a six month moratorium on debt repayments.

Where to for the climate movement?

The climate movement has suffered from a lack of strategy—and needs to focus on the CPRS and public investment in green jobs, argue Chris Breen and James Supple

Marx’s ecology

The writings of Karl Marx showed an understanding of capitalism as a system that distorts humanity’s relationship to the environment, writes Jasmine Ali

Marek Edelman: The Ghetto Fighter

Jewish resistance fighter Marek Edelman died recently, aged 90. John Rose looks at the story and legacy of the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto anti-Nazi uprising he led

Queensland teachers deal–could do better

The leadership of the Queensland Teachers Union (QTU) has sold its members a dud pay offer. During a fortnight long propaganda barrage, they managed to convince 82 per cent of the membership that

Let all the refugees land

After winning a guarantee of re-settlement in Australia, the 78 Tamils on the Oceanic Viking left the ship. All of them, including women and children, are now being held in Indonesia’s Tanjung