Issue 17 - Aug

Rudd’s CPRS no solution to climate change

The failure of the Rudd government’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) to pass the Senate in August was no bad thing. The Greens were right to label it as “locking in failure”.

NT goes to the brink of new election

Instability and opportunism have dominated the last few months in NT politics, with a merry-go-round of Ministers causing headache for Chief Minister Paul Henderson.

Cracks in the Intervention as opposition mounts

The cracks in the NT Intervention project can be clearly seen in the pages of the Intervention’s urger—The Australian newspaper. The Weekend Australian August 15-16 devoted seven pages to

Union anger over ABCC at Labor conference

A march by hundreds of workers to a union fringe event on the Labor conference’s second day was one of the few brights spots where there was some challenge to Rudd’s conservative agenda.

Activists win victory over riot charges in G20 trials

Almost three years after the protests against the Melbourne meeting of the Group of 20 nations, Sunil Menon, Timothy Davis-Frank and Sina Brown-Davis have had some major victories against the Crown.

Campaign against Queensland privatisation continues

Unions and community groups are continuing to resist Bligh’s plan to privatise $15 billion worth of public assets. More than 200 unionists including many from the nearby railway workshops rallied

Why Peter Garrett lost his way

Peter Garrett’s collapse into conservatism has been not just quick, but abject. The Environment Minister’s credibility is not in tatters—it has evaporated completely. David Glanz looks at

Ruddism at large

James Goodman, of the School of Social Inquiry at UTS, situates Rudd’s philosophy historically, arguing that his pricincipal goal is marketisation and that he fails to answer the problems of

Labor, neo-liberalism and the welfare state

Ben Spies-Butcher, lecturer in economic and political sociology at Macquarie Uni, examines what Rudd’s supposed end of neo-liberalism means for the government’s commitment to the welfare state

Queensland teachers dispute in arbitration limbo

As Queensland teachers geared up for a state-wide strike, Queensland’s Labor Government has used the state’s industrial laws to drive the wage dispute into the Queensland Industrial Relations

Racism is behind abuse of students

As racist attacks on Indian students continue, a scandal has erupted over the wider discrimination faced by international students in securing a decent education and accessing rights given to