Issue 16 - Jul

ABCC campaign hots up as second unionist faces jail

The battle for union rights under the Rudd Labor government is set to hot up in August, when building workers around the country go on strike in support of Ark Tribe, a South Australian union

Jakarta bombings a response to West’s crimes

It is not yet clear who is responsible for the terrorist bombing of the Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels in Jakarta. It has raised the spectre of the Bali bombings in 2003, although the attack

Justice, not jail—stop black deaths in custody

On June 20, coinciding with national mobilisations against the NT Intervention, more than 1000 people marched in Perth demanding justice for Mr Ward, an Aboriginal leader from the remote

Racist paternalism is widening the gap

A Productivity Commission report into Indigenous disadvantage was released in July. Examining the period 2000 – 2008, it demonstrates the horrific human toll of Howard’s assault on Aboriginal

Billions for coal expansion in NSW

Rudd’s CPRS has sent the message that big polluting companies can continue business as usual well into the future. The consequences are on display in NSW.

A Power Shift: from the grassroots to the government

Lack of political clarity has held back the climate movement’s ability to galvanise opposition to Rudd’s climate policies and mount an effective challenge to the government. Power Shift, a “youth

A Plan B for emissions reductions?

Plan B, a program for immediate action to reduce emissions across all sectors of the Australian economy, was recently released by a coalition of environment groups, including Environment

Sober reality behind economic recovery hype

The government is now arguing that the recession will not be as bad for Australia’s workers as first thought. We are told there is evidence of “green shoots” of recovery—for example a 25 per cent

Workers pay the price to save General Motors

General Motors, a company previously thought to epitomise the success of American capitalism, has collapsed, filed for bankruptcy, and been taken-over by the US government. While Obama has

Still fighting for abortion rights in Qld

The campaign to drop the abortion charges against a young Cairns couple continues. In April 2009, Tegan Leach, 19, and her partner Sergie Brennen, 21, were charged under the anti-abortion

Indian students boycott Harmony Day

State and Federal politicians are finding it difficult to ignore the continuing attacks against Indian students because of the impact they have had on international student visas, university

Garrett approves new uranium mine

Labor’s environment minister Peter Garrett has given approval for the opening of a new uranium mine in South Australia, the “Beverly Four Mile” project.

Uighur oppression behind clashes in China

Hundreds of people were killed, with hundreds of others injured and arrested, during protests by the Muslim Uighur people in the Xianging region in the west of China recently. Simmering tensions

Obama’s drones spread the Af-Pak war

The war in Afghanistan is rapidly spreading into Pakistan to create what is becoming known as the Af-Pak war. The US has undertaken about 48 drone air strikes in Pakistan since the beginning of

Bligh puts Queensland up for sale

Anna Bligh’s Labor government is well and truly on the nose following its decision to privatise $15 billion worth of public assets.