Issue 15 - Jun

Rudd budget won’t shield us from recession

Rudd tried to dress up his first recession budget by announcing a small increase in the aged pension and more money for building infrastructure. But underneath that plenty of the handouts for the

Labor for Refugees: how campaigners shifted policy

As boatloads of asylum seekers began to arrive in Australian waters in 1999, John Howard cranked up the repression and the anti-refugee rhetoric. Tragically, but perhaps predictably given their

Macklin unleashes Intervention’s second wave

On Thursday May 21 Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin announced her intention to use Intervention powers to permanently acquire the Alice Springs town camps. Her move unleashed an

NRL scandal: why will no one call it rape?

On May 11, the ABC’s Four Corners ran a program exposing numerous cases of sexual abuse by National Rugby League (NRL) football players. The ensuing media frenzy unleashed a barrage of sexism,

After war, brutality against Tamils not over

The Sri Lankan army has now completed its brutal conquest of the areas of the island previously controlled by the Tamil Tigers.  In the process the military hemmed hundreds of thousands of Tamil

After the saucepan revolution, Iceland steers left

In January, the government of Iceland was the first to be brought down by the global recession. Now, Iceland has moved sharply to the left following its general election in late April. The

Fiji democracy not Rudd’s real concern

On May 2, Fiji was suspended from the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF)—the first time ever for a member state. The PIF comprises leaders of 16 Pacific countries dominated by Australia and New Zealand.

Keynes or Marx?

Political leaders across the world are embracing Keynesian economic policies. But they are incapable of escaping capitalist crisis, writes Feiyi Zhang

Recovering Marx’s theory of economic crisis

The recession has brought a renewed interest in Marxist explanations of economic crisis. Rick Kuhn’s book is timely in this context. Published last year, it is the product of many years of study

Is Australia a racist country?

Recent comments by Sol Trujillo, former boss of Telstra, that Australia is a racist country have caused a storm.

Hands off Tangentyere

On Sunday May 24 Jenny Macklin, the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs put a gun to the head of the Tangentyere council, which represents town camp residents in Alice Springs. The Rudd government is