Issue 14 - Apr

Editorial: A fight needed to stop the jobs massacre

Refugees have temporarily pushed the global recession off the front pages, as Rudd ratchets up his racism, claiming desperate people pose an “emerging threat”. Meanwhile, the real threat of mass

Hypocrisy and the UN Rights Declaration

ON APRIL 3 the Rudd government endorsed the United Nations (UN) declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Jenny Macklin, the Minister for Indigenous Affairs, claims that it is a major step

Rudd’s carbon plan: the facts

The Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) is the Rudd government’s central policy for dealing with climate change. The gap between rhetoric and reality is revealed starkly by a looking at how

Climate movement needs to target CPRS

Organising groups in all states are preparing for upcoming climate change rallies around World Environment Day, likely to be Saturday June 13. The rallies are part of four national mobilisations

Rage at G20 meeting rocks London

A range of protests against the G20 summit in the UK captured public anger over the economic crisis. The city financial district was brought to a standstill on the April 1 when thousands of

Tensions behind Northern Ireland’s peace process

On July 28, 2005, the Irish Republican Army ended its 30 year armed struggle against British rule in Northern Ireland. It was hailed as the most significant step in the peace process that began

Socialism, Mao and the chinese revolution

China under Mao adopted Stalin’s model of rapid industrialisation based on intense exploitation, and was never genuinely socialist, argues Ernest Price

Westgate workers defy attempt to slash wages

Two hundred police moved in to break up picket lines on Melbourne’s Westgate bridge on April 15, where 39 workers have held out since December in a dispute with their employer. Builder John

Unions call for campaign of defiance of ABCC

UNIONS ARE stepping up their campaign to have the Australian Building and Construction Commission scrapped, with strike-day rallies around the country on April 28.

Irish workers show occupying can save jobs

Workers at Waterford Crystal in Ireland have secured 176 jobs in the plant after an eight week long occupation of their workplace. Their example has begun to inspire other workers to occupy in

Queensland teachers won’t accept pay restraint

QUEENSLAND TEACHERS are set to vote for 24-hour strikes from the beginning of May. Well-attended mass meetings voted overwhelmingly to hold a publicity and industrial campaign to win their claim

The homophobia of Home and Away

CONSERVATIVE LOBBYISTS are claiming some success in forcing Channel Seven to cut scenes of a more passionate “lesbian kiss” from soap opera Home and Away. The demands for censorship and the

Employment expert: stimulus failed to target jobs

Solidarity spoke to Bill Mitchell, from the University of Newcatle’s Centre of Full Employment and Equity, above how Rudd’s stimulus spending could be targeting massive job creation

Let them land, let them stay

The arrival of a few asylum seekers’ boats has produced the kind of shocking anti-refugee hysteria that marked the Howard years. It was “children overboard” all over again when news broke of the