Issue 11 - Jan

Solidarity Magazine #11 - Break all Australian ties with Israel; Break US Alliance

Hope for change from Gaza to Washington

Anger at the massacres in Gaza exploded onto streets around the world in January. From Beirut to Sydney, huge crowds denounced Israel, their chief backers the United States and the complicity of

Israel’s war on Gaza is not over

Despite its claims, Israel failed to achieve its objectives in Gaza of smashing Palestinian resistance. Its ceasefire means little while it continues to blockade Gaza and reserve its right to

Take childcare into public hands

A not-for-profit consortium led by Community Childcare Co-operative NSW has made a bid for 241 ABC childcare centres that the company’s receivers had deemed “economically unviable”.

Thai socialist faces jail in attack on democracy

The new Thai government has launched a wave of prosecutions against government critics and opponents of the 2006 military coup. In a major attack on democratic rights, it is using charges of lèse

Can the jobs massacre be stopped?

Throughout 2008, Kevin Rudd and Wayne Swan remained optimistic to the point of absurdity about the state of the Australian economy in the face of the global economic crisis. How quickly things change.

Union puts university management on back foot

Union members in the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) have faced down compulsory redundancies at Victoria University (VU) and the University of Melbourne (Melbourne Uni) by taking

Discontent with intervention policies widening

The intervention is more than a policy about what happens within 78 “prescribed communities”. It is a radical new ideology that combines a fierce new push for assimilation of Aboriginal people

Carbon trading not the solution we need

Rudd’s method for reaching his meagre 5 per cent reduction target is the carbon pollution reduction scheme, a version of emissions trading.

Do we consume too much energy?

A common response to the climate crisis is to argue for restrictions on individuals’ energy use. As a result some environmental activists have supported initiatives like congestion charges or

Labor not on target to stop climate change

Just after his election, Kevin Rudd called climate change “the defining challenge of our generation”. But his targets for emission reductions will not even go close to meeting the threat we face.

Hamas and the struggle for Palestinian liberation

The US has blamed Hamas for causing Israel’s assault. Kevin Rudd has called them a “terrorist organisation”. Israel would have us believe they are “Islamic terrorists” who cannot be negotiated

Gaza and the US war for control of the Middle East

Israel’s murderous assault on Gaza has, once again, been willingly backed by the US. Israel is the key US ally in the Middle East. Its army is, in effect, an extension of the US military due to

Plan to spread intervention

There are worrying signs from the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) that policy measures associated with the NT intervention will soon be imposed on Indigenous communities around the country.