Issue 9 - Nov

Solidarity Magazine #9 - Rudd's spending plan not enough to shield us

Review paves road for ongoing intervention

Aboriginal affairs minister Jenny Macklin announced her government will ignore two key recommendations of the review commissioned into the Northern Territory intervention.

Rally against intervention on Human Rights Day

THE RECENT anti-intervention convergence on Alice Springs has galvanised the commitment of activists to step up the fight against the NT intervention. The Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney

Telstra tries on second non-union agreement

Last issue Solidarity reported that Telstra workers in the Wholesale and Service Advantage area had voted down a non-union collective agreement. It was a serious blow to Telstra’s divide

Strike against non-union agreement at Rio Tinto

TRAIN DRIVERS in the Pilbara region of Western Australia have taken strike action as part of a struggle to establish a collective union agreement with mining giant Rio Tinto.

Sydney Uni uses economic crisis to justify cuts

In the midst of global panic last month, the University of Sydney’s Vice-Chancellor announced shock budget cuts of up to 9 per cent because of a shortfall of $100 million in investment income.

Pressure mounts to scrap anti-terror laws

Two of Australia’s most high-profile anti-terrorism cases, those of Dr Mohamed Haneef and Jack Thomas (the first person to be charged under the federal anti-terrorism laws) are once again

Abortion decriminalisation bill succeeds in Victoria

AFTER EXTENSIVE debate in the Victorian state parliament, opposition from the anti-abortion lobby and threats from the religious right, the Victorian Abortion Law Reform Bill was passed by the

Iraqis oppose US plan for continuing occupation

Last month 50,000 Iraqis hit the streets in protest at a new Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) being pushed by the US which would enshrine the right of foreign forces to remain in Iraq.

Will Obama bring much-needed change?

As Solidarity goes to print, Democratic candidate Barack Obama is set to win the most passionate US presidential election campaign in generations.

US workers hit hard by housing crisis

Following the crash in 2000 and the 9/11 attack in 2001, US workers were told it was their patriotic duty to spend. This was Bush’s strategy for avoiding a deepening

The birth and life of neo-liberalism

The current economic crisis has shaken belief in the capacity of neo-liberal “free market” policies. Tom Orsag examines where neo-liberalism came from—and where it is going

Are we headed for another Great Depression?

The Great Depression of the 1930s strikes fear in the hearts of working class people around the world, with memories of skyrocketing unemployment, homelessness and hunger. Ernest Price looks at

Unions and the fight for the environment

In the 1970s the Builders Labourers’ Federation led inspiring struggles in defence of the natural environment. Emma Torzillo looks at the history of an inspiring struggle when workers took

Workers to rally for end to anti-union ABCC

THOUSANDS OF building workers across the country are set to strike on December 2, when Noel Washington, senior vice president of the Victorian branch of the CFMEU, goes on trial for two days in