Issue 8 - Oct

Solidarity Magazine #8 - Market Failure

Editorial: Capitalist greed threatens recession

Despite George W. Bush’s controversial bailout package (see page 5), we have by no means seen the back of the current economic crisis. Up to 1000 more banks are expected to close across the US

Bush finds billions for bankers

THE BUSH Administration finally gathered support for a US$700 billion plan to bail out US banks—no less than US$2000 for every person in the United States. After one false start, the Congress

NSW teachers campaign to break Labor’s pay cap

NSW TEACHERS are still seeking a salary raise of 5 per cent or more and an end to restrictions on transfers. The October state council meeting of the New South Wales Teachers Federation (NSWTF)

Action can stop job cuts at Melbourne Uni

A COLD, wind-swept day did not stop over 120 Melbourne Uni staff and students joining a protest against university management’s plan to sack 20 academics in the arts faculty. The protest was

Does NSW really face a budget crisis?

ALMOST THE first words uttered by the new premier Nathan Rees were along the lines of “I’ve been briefed by Treasury. It’s worse than I thought. We could lose the AAA credit rating. We’ve been

Alice Springs opposes uranium exploration

On October 5 a community protest gathering of over 300 people was held in Alice Springs to voice opposition and outrage at the Northern Territory government’s consent to uranium exploration of

Blow to Telstra’s plans for non-union agreement

WORKERS AT Telstra have voted to reject the collective non-union agreement the company was trying to force on them. This is a major defeat for Telstra’s efforts to cut unions out of the workplace.

Drop the charges against Lex Wotton

ON OCTOBER 6 Palm Island man Lex Wotton faced the Supreme Court in Queensland. He is charged with “riot involving damage or destruction of property”. If convicted he faces life imprisonment.

Garnaut climate plan to suit big business

IN HIS final report to the government, Professor Ross Garnaut echoes the calls from industry to abolish the one measure the Rudd government has in place that will actually make any difference in

Melbourne terror trial fuels Islamophobia

As the banners telling us “History is coming!” went up all over Melbourne getting ready for the AFL grand final, the verdicts came down in the trial of the Barwon 12. Twelve men were charged with

Revolt of the rich escalates in Bolivia

A WAVE of violence by right-wing paramilitaries in Bolivia left at least 30 people dead and government buildings ransacked across the country’s eastern provinces.

Support for US war resisters grows in Canada

IRAQ WAR resisters in Canada received an important victory in late September. On September 22 Jeremy Hinzman and his family successfully appealed their deportation order. The family was scheduled

‘Afghanistan is becoming like Iraq’

Academic and author Elaheh Rostami-Povey visited Sydney recently, speaking on her research in Afghanistan under the US-led occupation. Below we reprint part of a speech she gave

Afghanistan death toll soaring

THIS IS shaping up to be the bloodiest year on record since the US-led invasion of Afghanistan began in 2001.

Selective quarantining tried in Queensland

WHILE THE restoration of the RDA would force some changes to the Northern Territory welfare quarantine legislation, it is likely that these would be modelled on the Queensland intervention legislation.

Converging against intervention in Alice

OVER 200 people from around Australia travelled to join hundreds more from the NT in a protest convergence against the NT intervention in Mparntwe-Alice Springs from September 29 to October 3.

Why is the world economy in meltdown?

With the US economy in tatters, questions are being raised about what caused the crisis and what it will mean for people around the world. Feiyi Zhang looks at the economic turmoil and what it

Fight needed to win real work rights

FURTHER DETAILS about Labor’s new IR laws confirm that the new government will retain the bulk of WorkChoices. Legislation will be introduced into parliament before the end of the year.

A fresh look at America’s urban decay

Review: The Wire WHEN US presidential candidate Barack Obama was asked his favourite TV show and character, his answers were The Wire and Omar Little (more on him later).