Issue 7 - Sep

Solidarity Magazine #7 - Rudd pushed Howard's policies

Can WikiLeaks change the world?

As Julian Assange faces his extradition trial, James Supple takes a look at the role of information in the fight for social change

Rudd pushes Howard policies

For months now Solidarity has been reporting on the growing contradictions between the hopes that people had for a progressive Rudd government and the reality of the new government’s performance.

Students occupy to demand housing

HOMELESS MELBOURNE students and their student union supporters took action last month to address a housing shortage and associated rent rises. They are occupying a disused university-owned

The Senate games begin

BATTLE LINES have been drawn in the Senate. The Rudd government is accusing the Liberals of holding their budget to ransom by blowing a funding hole in it.

No end in sight to instability in Pakistan

The resignation of Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf was greeted with jubilant demonstrations across Pakistan. But it will not remove the tensions within Pakistani politics.

China and the Olympics

Some of the China-bashing that accompanied the Beijing Olympics was nothing short of nauseating.

Pillars of the US establishment

After a week dominated by Barack Obama’s consecration at the Democratic convention in Denver, his Republican rival has succeeded brilliantly in upstaging him by selecting Sarah Palin as his

Mapoon: the burning of a community

With the government threatening to close so-called “unviable communities” as part of the intervention in the NT, Mark Gillespie looks at the shameful history of Mapoon—an Aboriginal community

The AAA credit rating and other Treasury myths

There is a desperate need to invest in public services infrastructure in NSW. Lack of spending has led to ongoing scandals in the hospital system and the deterioration of public transport.

Explaining Iemma’s privatisation obsession

Why would a Labor government push ahead with a power privatisation plan opposed by 85 per cent of voters, rejected by a massive majority at its own party conference, and needing (but not getting)

Bosses side-step ban on AWAs

Kevin Rudd has sent big business the message that the government wants to leave most of WorkChoices intact. Now a push is on by some of the country’s biggest companies to get around even Labor’s

Campaign against sell-off brings down Iemma

THE TOPPLING of NSW Premier Morris Iemma and Treasurer Michael Costa, and the defeat of their plans to privatise the power stations, is a real victory against Labor’s agenda of privatisation and