Issue 6 - Aug

Solidarity Magazine #6 - Unions tell Rudd: Scrap Howard's workplace laws

Unions start fight to scrap anti-worker laws

VICTORIAN BUILDING unions are set to hold a mass stopwork rally in defence of Noel Washington, the construction union official facing six months jail for defying Howard’s industrial laws.

It is not the end of mandatory detention

AT THE end of July, the Immigration Minister Chris Evans announced changes to the administration of immigration detention. He described the changes as fundamentally overturning the current model

Return to ration days in NT

ANTI-INTERVENTION campaigners Barbara Shaw, Paddy Gibson and Nat Wasley recently traveled to Tennant Creek to find out about how the intervention is affecting people’s lives. They spoke to

Protest can deal blow to NSW privatisation

WITH MORRIS Iemma’s position as NSW premier looking ever more fragile, a further demonstration against his proposed power sell-off will be held on September 20. There needs to be an effort to

Unions join climate action at Newcastle camp

ON JULY 15, 150 people including Climate Camp participants, local Newcastle residents, and unionists, held a lively picket of NSW Treasurer and climate change denier Michael Costa, against

NSW public sector: ‘2.5 per cent is a joke’

HUNDREDS OF workers rallied across NSW on July 30 against the NSW government’s attempt to cap public sector pay rises at 2.5 per cent. Public sector workers from the PSA, AWU and FBEU were well

NSW teachers prepare for action against pay cap

NSW TEACHERS are to take industrial action in August unless the NSW government commences negotiations on teacher provision and salaries. The action of stopwork meetings followed by rolling

Victorian Labor backs new coal-fired power plant

COAL TECHNOLOGY company HRL (run by Channel Seven boss Kerry Stokes), the Chinese corporation Harbin Power and the Brumby Government have signed a formal contract to build a new $750 million

ETS: bad for climate, bad for workers

AT THE heart of both Ross Garnaut’s interim report and the Rudd government’s Green Paper is the proposals for an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). The ETS is presented as the only option in the

Greenpeace Energy [r]evolution report

AUSTRALIA’S ENERGY [R]evolution is a useful tool for the climate movement. Greenpeace researchers have drawn together the best science and technology to build a concrete and achievable vision of

Global credit crisis continues to deepen

MANY ANALYSTS thought the worst of the credit crisis passed four months ago, when the US Federal Reserve orchestrated a bailout of investment bank Bear Stearns. But recent events suggest otherwise.

G8 leaders refuse to commit to carbon cuts

YET AGAIN the presidents and prime ministers of the richest countries have put their “national interests” ahead of the need for urgent cuts in carbon emissions.

Olympics no force for democracy

OLYMPIC CHIEF Jacques Rogge said in 2005 that, “the staging of the Beijing games will do a lot for human rights.” In fact, staging the Olympics has already thrown tens of thousands of Beijing

Western hypocrisy over human rights in China

REMEMBER TIBET? Only six months ago, as Chinese authorities cracked down on Tibetan protesters, there was widespread talk of an Olympic boycott by major world leaders. But as the opening ceremony

Nationalism and the Olympics

SHORT OF war, sport between nations is the best way to generate, express and manufacture “national pride”. How else can you “go for” your country?

The Tall Man: Death and Life on Palm Island

By Chloe Hooper, Hamish Hamilton, $32.95 CHLOE HOOPER, a novelist whose first book won international praise, recently released The Tall Man, a book on the Palm Island inquest into the death in

Obituary: Colin Campbell

COLIN CAMPBELL passed away on July 17, a comrade and member of Solidarity/ISO for over three years. He worked in homeless men’s shelters for 10 years, not for the money, but to defend


Letters on gay marriage rights, World Youth day, Cuba and NSW Labor’s crisis

Walter Shaw from Mt Nancy town camp speaks out

THE RUDD government is set to hand down its “review” of the Northern Territory intervention at the end of September. All signs point to Rudd retaining the racist policies aimed at dispossession.