Issue 5 - Jul

Solidarity Magazine #5 - Climate crisis: The market is no solution

Editorial: Rudd, Garnaut and the climate challenge

Professor Ross Garnaut delivered his draft report examining the “impacts, challenges and opportunities” resulting from climate change to the federal and state governments on July 4. His

Rethink needed in power sell-off fight

THE LATEST humiliating back-flip by the NSW government over its planned power sell-off indicates two things. Firstly, NSW Labor is facing a serious crisis. According to the polls, the Liberals

Labor overwhelmed by oil price crisis

A SEVEN per cent swing against it in the Gippsland by-election, a truckies’ blockade in NSW and news that the rising cost of living has wiped out the benefits of Labor’s budget tax cuts testify

Retirees hit hard by subprime crisis

THE GLOBAL financial crisis is making its mark in Australia. Speculation in global markets by superannuation fund managers has hurt the retirement savings of many ordinary Australians

It’s a bit rich

THERE ARE 650 people to every wealthy person in the world, according to the World Wealth Report just released by investment bank, Merrill Lynch and business consultancy, Capgemini.

WorkChoices: how much is Labor planning to change?

The Your Rights at Work campaign mobilised thousands of unionists to campaign against the Howard government and its vicious Workchoices laws. Yet over six months into the Rudd government’s term,

Labor’s IR changes explained

Solidarity summarises how much of WorkChoices Labor has reversed so far, what else it plans to change, and how much of Howard’s laws will be retained

Construction walkout over Gold Coast deaths

On Saturday morning June 21 two construction workers were killed when their swing stage scaffolding fell from the side of a Gold Coast high-rise building site. The next day building sites across

War on terror shakes politics in Pakistan

WITH THE Pentagon finally admitting that the occupation of Afghanistan is in crisis, Pakistan has once again been thrown into the centre of the the “war on terror”.

Macklin’s review―a whitewash in the making

The new government’s review of the Northern Territory intervention is stacked with supporters of the policy, and looks set to whitewash the disastrous impact on Aboriginal people in the NT

Last Drinks: Toohey’s racist diatribe

THE WIDESPREAD acclaim for The Australian journalist Paul Toohey’s Last Drinks: The Impact of the Northern Territory Intervention (Quarterly Essay 30, June 2008), demonstrates just how deeply

The long, hard struggle for justice on Palm Island

Veteran journalist Jeff Waters has authored a new book investigating events surrounding the death in custody of Aboriginal man Mulrunji on Palm Island in late 2004, and the subsequent trial of

Carbon trading and market solutions

The threat of dangerous climate change is now widely acknowledged. So why won’t governments take serious action? Chris Breen examines the major proposed market solutions—and the alternatives.

Deported to danger

Review of A Well Founded Fear Directed by Bentley Dean and Anne Delaney