Issue 4 - Jun

Solidarity Magazine #4 - NT Intervention: Yuendumu say no

Yuendumu opposes intervention measures

THE WALPIRI people of Yuendumu, 300 kms north west of Alice Springs, have been at the forefront of the fightback against the NT intervention.

Climate change, poverty and capitalist development

Measures that could genuinely tackle rising carbon emissions are being held back by the desire of individual countries not to harm their economy’s global competitiveness, writes Ernest Price.

Unions versus Labor- the 1948 rail strike

Mark Gillespie looks at the Queensland rail strike of 1948, when the Communist Party led workers in a vicious battle with a state Labor government determined to keep down wages.

Inflation rhetoric is scare tactic

CONTINUOUSLY SINCE its election, the Rudd government has tried to convince us of the urgent necessity of reducing inflation. Why is it so worried?

Engineers battle below inflation scare tactic

IN MAY, around 1500 Qantas aircraft engineers took strike action in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne over a pay claim. They took this action despite rumours of 100 strike breakers being offered

Rudd repeats Howard ban on same sex unions

IN EARLY May, the Rudd government threatened to overturn the proposed civil unions bill for same-sex couples in the ACT, breaking a key election promise not to block the legislation and


Time for an end to ‘wage restraint’

Howard legacy hangs over Villawood

AT THE end of May, Immigration minister Chris Evans announced a long awaited review of the cases of long term detainees. But the results fell far short of what the detainees and refugee

Anti-Muslim racism at play in Camden

IN MANY ways, the gatherings in Camden, on Sydney’s outskirts, opposing the construction of an Islamic school, resembled the Cronulla riots minus the booze.

Climate Camp needs focus on domestic emitters

IN JULY hundreds of people will converge in Newcastle in a week long camp, with the aim of drawing attention to Australia’s contribution to climate change and rejuvenating the wider

China quake- ‘This is not a natural disaster’

The death toll from China’s earthquake has risen to 65,000, with over 23,000 people still missing. Such a powerful quake might be expected to claim many lives. But a similar earthquake in

Hezbollah delivers blow to US

ON MAY 6, the US-backed “March 14 coalition”, who controlled the Lebanese government, took a new initiative aimed at weakening the power of Hezbollah, which led the successful

Bolivia–big business declares war on government

ON MAY 4 the Department of Santa Cruz in Bolivia held an autonomy vote. Autonomy would give them more tax revenue powers and the right to create their own security forces. Santa Cruz holds the

Lessons in New Labour’s failures

WORKERS IN Britain woke up with a big shock after council elections on 1 May, as the Tories pushed Labour into third position.

NSW teachers take on Iemma

NSW TEACHERS will continue rolling industrial action unless the New South Wales government sits down and negotiates on proposed changes to the school staffing and transfer system.

Rudd under the pump?

IS RUDD’S honeymoon coming to an end? Recent weeks have seen him blunder over fuel prices, his Howardesque moralism over Bill Henson and brewing battles with unions over pay disputes and