Issue 3 - May

Solidarity Magazine #3 - Taxis drivers show how to fight

1968–the year the world revolted

Of all the articles, features, memoirs and books devoted to 1968, “The Fire Last Time: 1968 and After”, by Chris Harman, the editor of International Socialism journal, is still, by

Union to defy Howard-era watchdog

Noel Washington, an official with Construction Division of the Victorian CFMEU, will be called before a court after refusing to be interrogated by the Australian Building and Construction


Bring on boss freedom day

Victorian teachers show the way to win

After three state-wide strikes and five weeks of rolling stoppages, some Victorian teachers have won large pay increases of 10 and 15 per cent over the next year in an “in-principle”

Free market fails housing needs

The US subprime mortgage crisis has seen hundreds of thousands of Americans lose their homes. In Australia, between 1985 and 2004, incomes doubled-but house prices quadrupled.

Boeing strike beats anti-union laws

WORKERS AT Boeing subsidiary Hawker de Havilland in Port Melbourne have successfully defied anti-strike laws to take action in defence of a sacked workmate.

Dave Kerin faces jail for supporting strikers

Six months after Labor’s election, unionists are still fighting Howard’s laws. Dave Kerin of Union Solidarity has been summonsed by the workplace ombudsman to “produce

US union takes strike action against the war

MAY DAY in the US this year was marked by dockworkers along the West Coast taking industrial action against the US-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some 25,000 members of the International

Revolt against privatisation

Iemma and Costa have made clear their determination to push ahead with privatisation despite their crushing defeat at the ALP state conference. But there is no reason why they should get away

Cairo conference calls for unity

IN LATE March this year the sixth Cairo Conference was held. Hundreds of representatives from opposition parties and organisations including the Muslim Brotherhood attended as well as

The real roots of the food crisis

STRIKES, PROTESTS and riots over the cost and availability of food have swept across Burkina Faso, Somalia, Cameroon, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Mauritania, Senegal, Egypt, Yemen, Indonesia,

Boycotts- nationalism and the Olympics

GEORGE ORWELL wrote sport “is war minus the shooting”. The tension that exists between states gets expressed in and around sporting events and the Olympics are often a site of bitter

Marx’s theory–explaining the credit crisis

Neoliberalism has dominated economic and social policy for the best part of three decades. This ideology claims that the economy and society can be effectively run through the market and

Budget won’t undo Howard’s legacy

THE RUDD government’s first budget is a mixture of small mercies and big crimes. There is a $10 tax cut for low-waged workers, an increase in the child-care rebate and a $750 education

Taxi drivers win victory for driver safety

On April 30 hundreds of taxi drivers blockaded one of Melbourne’s busiest intersections, at Flinders and Swanston streets, for 22 hours. The Victorian government was forced to meet with the