Issue 2 - Apr

Solidarity Magazine #2 - Rudd plans to make us pay

Capitalism and class conflict in the new China

FOR MANY western commentators, China is the saviour of the ailing world economy. However the hellish pace of China’s growth is being achieved at enormous human and environmental cost,

Welfare policy- blame the victims

The early months of the Rudd government have shown that it is just as committed to the neo-liberal “welfare reform” agenda as John Howard.

When the US was defeated last time

JANUARY 2008 marked the 40th anniversary of the Vietnamese “Tet Offensive” against US and South Vietnamese armies. On the 31st of January 1968 the National Liberation Front (NLF)

Centrelink- organise now to fight razor gang cuts

CENTRELINK WORKERS are well placed to fight the Rudd government’s razor gang cuts to the public sector-but the union needs to organise a much more effective campaign if we are to turn staff

US defeat offers new hope for Iraq

AS SOLIDARITY grows to print, radical Shia leader Moqtada Al Sadr had postponed plans for a million strong march in Baghdad calling for an end to the presence of foreign troops. With the forces

Queensland privatisation disaster complete

AS PART of its privatisation plan, the NSW government wants to sell off the state’s retail electricity arm. But, whatever their claims, the evidence from the recently completed retail

Judge admits terror trials unfair

The “Barwon 13”, thirteen Melbourne men arrested, charged and on trial under Australia’s “anti-terror” laws, have won a change in their previous humiliating jail

Labor won’t wield the axe on military

ANYONE READING last month’s papers would be forgiven for thinking that the Rudd government is about to slash the military budget. Media reports suggested that Defence Minister Joel


Remembering the first Mardi Gras

NSW privatisation plans on the brink

NSW Premier Morris Iemma and Treasurer Michael Costa have displayed an unprecedented level of arrogance in their attempt to push through power privatisation.

Election shakes Malaysian political system

A political shockwave hit Malaysia in March’s general election, with opposition parties destroying the ruling coalition’s two-thirds majority domination of parliament.

Rudd plans to make us pay

KEVIN RUDD’S future summit, Australia 2020, will be held in Canberra on April 19 and 20. It could have been a chance for a real discussion about dismantling Howard’s legacy and

Tibet rises up against occupation

OVER THE past month, Chinese paramilitary police and soldiers have been using tear gas and live ammunition against protesters in Lhasa, the Tibetan capital, in an attempt to put down the most

Bosses demand pay cut for low paid

When the Fair Pay Commission holds its annual National Minimum Wage Case hearing in mid-2008, the major employers will propose cuts to real wages. As food, petrol and housing prices go up (along

Bush’s war drums influence Iranian election

IN ITS campaign for yet another war, members of George W Bush’s decaying administration have been making almost daily condemnations of Iran over its uranium enrichment and its support for

Trading our way out of disaster

Massive ice loss in both the Arctic and Antarctic indicate that we are passing important climate tipping points. This mounting evidence of the need for serious solutions to climate change sits as

Bear Stearns- capitalism on the brink

OVER A single weekend last month, the global financial system came close to total collapse. A desperate US Federal Reserve intervened to stop the collapse of investment bank Bear Stearns, taking

Activists protest against NT intervention

On March 13, Protests against the NT intervention targeted Centrelink offices in 8 cities and towns around Australia, to draw attention to the racist policy of welfare quarantines for all people