Issue 1 - Mar

Solidarity Magazine #1

Climate code red network grows

On March 1 more than 80 activists met to create “Climate Code Red Network” (CCRN). This came after more than 200 activists from across Victoria came together in February to begin a

Labor’s rates policy hurting workers

AGAIN AND again, Kevin Rudd talks of the need to help “working families”. He insists that Labor’s priority is to fight inflation and that to do this the Reserve Bank (RBA) must

Northern Rock–return to state intervention

BRITISH PM Gordon Brown has nationalised the Northern Rock bank after attempts to fend off its collapse failed. In a humiliating back flip, his New Labour government has used

Afghanistan–Rudd’s good war a catastrophe

Rudd’s aggressive determination to support NATO in Afghanistan is almost the flip side to that of his position on Iraq, seeing it as the “good” war, with the occupation of Iraq

2020 delegates reflect a narrow vision

Kevin Rudd tells us that he is pulling together the “best and brightest” 1000 Australians for his 2020 summit in Canberra in April. Rudd has already been hammered for selecting only

Cuba Socialism and Castro’s legacy

THE US tried for 49 years to assassinate Fidel Castro and bring down his regime, which made his voluntary retirement as Cuban leader last month yet another act of defiance against Washington.

Kosovo–independence at what cost

In late February the Balkan mini-nation of Kosovo declared independence from Serbia, sparking protests by Serbs in Kosovo, Serbia and Australia.

Need for an anti-war movement not going away

After five years, war in Iraq continues without pause. Turkey’s invasion of northern Iraq is further evidence that the headaches for US imperialism in controlling the region continue to grow.

American terror–a history of the CIA

GEORGE W. Bush has vetoed the bill, proposed by the Democrats, that would have outlawed the use of torture by the CIA. He is not the first US President to explicitly endorse the CIA’s use

Sexism and working women

ON 8 March 1908 15,000 women garment workers marched through New York City demanding shorter hours, better pay and voting rights. In 1911 socialist women chose to commemorate this day, calling it

‘The torture word’

IN LATE February Alex Gibney’s Taxi to the Dark Side won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

Thousands march against NSW privatisation plans

THOUSANDS OF union members marched last month against the NSW government’s plans to privatise electricity. Despite industry claims otherwise, two-thirds of the state is opposed to the policy.

NSW teachers to strike against deregulation

On Saturday March 8, 300 delegates at the NSW Teachers Federation (NSWTF) state council voted unanimously to strike in opposition to the Iemma government’s plan to deregulate the supply of

Garnaut proposes 90 per cent cut

PROFESSOR ROSS Garnaut, establishment economist and China expert, dropped a bombshell in his interim report on climate change, jointly commissioned by state and federal governments.

Stars in their eyes–Earth Hour 2008

HOW DO we make governments act on the climate crisis? The organisers of Earth Hour believe “the simple action of turning off the lights for one hour”-at 8pm on March 29-will

Oil–an American obsession

ONE HUNDRED years ago the United States was the biggest oil producer in the world. California alone accounted for 22 per cent of global output.