Can WikiLeaks change the world?

As Julian Assange faces his extradition trial, James Supple takes a look at the role of information in the fight for social change

Making sure we don’t pay as economy fails

So far the world economic crisis has not had the same impact in Australia as in the US or Europe. A few months ago some pundits were confidently predicting Australia could weather the storm. But

Slump shows Rudd hasn’t bailed us out

What a difference a month makes. In mid-October, Kevin Rudd was the toast of corporate Australia. But now no one is confident that Australia will avoid recession.

ABC Learning–save the centres, save the jobs

As Solidarity goes to print, the fate of up to 386 ABC Learning child care centres is in doubt. That represents one-tenth of the national child care resources. The centres look after 30,000

New laws not the end of WorkChoices

The final piece of Labor’s new industrial relations regime has been unveiled by Workplace Relations Minister Julia Gillard. The new legislation was hailed by Gillard and most of the media as

University staff resist job cuts in Victoria

The shocking announcement a few weeks ago of the largest ever mass sackings in Australia’s higher education sector at Victoria University (VU) prompted a well attended protest rally in a quiet

NSW government pushes privatisation and cutbacks

In the context of the global financial crisis, governments across the world have abandoned financial conservatism, proposing significant expenditure programs, often funded through debt.

NSW teachers vote for 48-hour strike

Twenty thousand teachers at meetings around NSW have voted to take 48 hours of industrial action at the start of the 2009 school year, in the event of the NSW government not abandoning its

Nuke waste dump laws condemned

A strong community campaign involving Traditional Owners, health organisations, environment groups and the Central Land Council has called for immediate repeal of Howard-era legislation forcing a

New service fee will silence dissent on campus

In early November the Rudd government announced it would introduce a Student Service Fee of up to $250 per student which universities could choose to implement. This is to seek to address the

Labor axes CDEP and steps up the NT intervention

In early October, the Federal Labor Government announced major changes to the CDEP (Community Development Employment Programs). The changes have been met with outrage from affected Aboriginal

Movement must take position on carbon trading

The Walk Against Warming rallies this year were smaller that last. This is largely because they had no particular clear demands, and they did not take a position on carbon trading.

Revival of the socialist left in Malaysia

Over the weekend of November 8 and 9, the Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM) hosted “Socialism 2008” in Kajang, a rapidly growing working class town near Kuala Lumpur.

Mood for change sweeps the US

There were two million people in and around Chicago’s famous Grant Park (the site of the infamous 1968 anti-war protests) at midnight on November 5 to hear Barack Obama’s victory speech. People

Socialist planning and alternatives to the market

The failure of free market policies evidenced by the collapse of major banks and big falls on the stockmarket raise whether there is an alternative to the market as a way of running society. Judy

Unions after the Rights at Work campaign

The union campaign against WorkChoices succeeded in getting Howard voted out, but has not put unions in a stronger position to organise and fight. Solidarity examines why.

Anti-union laws: How the penal powers were defeated

In 1969 over one million workers took part in a general stoppage and won the freedom of jailed union official Clarrie O’Shea and an end to the penal powers. With the ABCC and most of the

Land rights not leases

A MAJOR investment program in Aboriginal housing in the NT is being used as a weapon to further break up community control, push people out of remote areas and entrench the NT intervention.