Unemployment crisis just beginning as economy slumps

Australia is in our worst economic crisis since the 1930s. But the situation is set to get worse.

Race for a vaccine fuels imperialist power play

Across the globe a race is on to develop a vaccine for COVID-19, with the major powers scrambling to ensure supply to get their economies back on track.

Protester facing jail under COVID rules after police attack anti-cuts protest at Sydney Uni

Students and staff protested against plans for massive jobs cuts at the University of Sydney on Wednesday—only to again face a draconian and hypocritical police operation to disrupt and disperse them.

Melbourne needs more support for workers and the health system, not authoritarian controls

Melbourne faces months more of authoritarian lockdown measures, following Daniel Andrews' announcement yesterday

Don’t cheersquad for lockdown—governments and the health failure over COVID-19

We should not promote lockdowns as a response to COVID-19. If governments had taken adequate health measures, they would not be necessary

Aged care disaster exposes understaffing and corporate greed

The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a harsh spotlight on the state of aged care, revealing a system that all too often delivers suffering, isolation and humiliation to the elderly.

Hypocrisy as protests targeted and banned under COVID rules

There has been a concerted attack on the right to protest under the cover of the coronavirus. The Liberals and the Murdoch media have set out to scapegoat protests as somehow responsible for the virus’s spread.

Hand-picked corporate advisers shaping COVID recovery

Scott Morrison has appointed an unelected and secretive group of fossil fuel bosses to advise the government on how to ensure any economic recovery from the pandemic will prioritise profits.

Fighting the second wave—can COVID be kept under control?

Many countries worldwide are facing either a second wave, or a resurgence in infections. Even countries that managed to control the virus initially, such as South Korea, New Zealand and Vietnam, have seen new outbreaks.

Walkouts demand safe workplaces amid Melbourne’s COVID surge

Workers have been forced to take safety into their own hands at a series of workplaces across Melbourne, after their employers refused to take COVID-19 infections on site seriously.

Inspired by Thatcher, Liberals want workers to pay for the COVID crisis

The Liberals want workers to pay for economic recovery through attacks on workplace rights and poverty level payments for the unemployed.

Andrews’ failures produced Melbourne outbreak, not distancing slip-ups

The new wave of infections in Melbourne is the first large-scale community spread of coronavirus Australia has seen.

Trump desperate and dangerous as his COVID death toll grows

Donald Trump is growing desperate as his hopes for re-election fade, following his chaotic blundering over the COVID-19 crisis. He has fallen...

Authoritarian display in racist lockdown of Melbourne towers

The lockdown imposed on public housing residents in Melbourne is a piece of racist authoritarianism that has to end.

COVID-19 crisis shows childcare should be a public service

The COVID-19 crisis initially threatened the sector with collapse. Government funding for free childcare will end on 12 July, with the sector due to “snap back” to the previous arrangements.

Conspiracy theories don’t explain society’s problems

Recent anti-lockdown protests have given voice to a range of conspiracy theories—the belief that secret networks of powerful individuals rule the world.

Eyewitness from LA: Burning rage engulfs the US in rebellion against racism

The combination of the public health crisis, with the pandemic killing people of colour at the highest rates, the economic misery many face due to lockdowns, and Trump’s catastrophic leadership have created a tinderbox which Floyd’s execution set aflame.

Rebellion against racist cops and a racist system sweeps the US

Night after night of mass protests and riots have swept the US following the brutal murder of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis.

Higher ed day of action builds confidence to fight

A higher education National Day of Action on 21 May saw university workers mobilise demanding the Morrison government fund the $4.5 billion shortfall across the sector.

The NTEU Framework Agreement is dead—Now we fight the cuts

The withdrawal of the NTEU executive’s proposed National Jobs Protection Framework (NJPF) is very good news.

Marx, ecology and industrial agriculture

British climate activist and socialist Martin Empson writes on why the fight against climate change must be a fight for system change and for socialism

Luck, not Morrison’s management, explains Australia’s control on coronavirus

Australia has avoided a similar coronavirus catastrophe to elsewhere mostly because of geography and luck

Tenants organise to resist landlords and the Liberals in Sydney

Tenants and the newly formed Housing Defence Coalition in Sydney have shown how to fight back.

Editorial: No return to the thirties—fan the flames of resistance

Government and employer demands for pay cuts and sacrifices from workers will only create more misery and deepen the economic crisis.

Mental health crisis but solidarity protests can free the refugees

Just as surely as it happened on Manus and Nauru, the attempted suicides and self-harm incidents are escalating in the hotels and detention centres here.

Why taking wage cuts won’t save jobs

The calls to accept wage cuts or forego wage rises won’t save jobs, they will simply encourage bosses to demand even more concessions, argues David Glanz

Poverty and unemployment surges as coronavirus sweeps Indonesia

Alang, a member of Socialist Unification and the union Sentral Gerakan Buruh Nasional in Indonesia explains the impact of the coronavirus and the economic crisis it has triggered.

Vote No to the NTEU national framework agreement—defend every condition, fight for every job

There needs to be a strong no vote rejecting the national framework the NTEU leadership has announced.

May 1 convoy protest says no to job cuts and attacks on wages through...

Over 150 cars and bikes people joined the May 1 convoy in Sydney today, calling for an end to the efforts to make workers pay the costs of the coronavirus crisis.

Morrison and Trump fuel racism in opportunistic attack on China over COVID-19

Scott Morrison has joined Donald Trump in fuelling anti-Chinese racism, with escalating attacks on China over the COVID-19 outbreak.

Teachers pay the price as COVID-19 exposes school inequality and workload crisis

There can be no talk of a return to “normal” in schools. The COVID-19 crisis has exposed pre-existing inequalities in education.

Editorial: Even amid health crisis, business profits at centre of Morrison’s concerns

Morrison keeps claiming that “We are all in this together”—but he has made it clear that, “business is at the centre of the economy.”

Coronavirus spending—How can governments suddenly fund everything?

The scale of the government spending announced in recent weeks is staggering. Scott Morrison has revealed three huge spending packages totalling $320 billion.

Warehouse walkouts force bosses to put safety before profits

Workers in a number of warehouse distribution centres have won increased safety measures against coronavirus after walking off the job.

Refugees step up detention protests for freedom from infection risk

Refugees in detention centres across the country are continuing their resistance, calling for their immediate release amid the threat of COVID-19 infection.

Pressure builds for action as uni staff face savage cuts

Momentum is growing at universities to take collective action to defend our jobs and conditions.

Virus exposes class inequality of US capitalism

The United States, the world’s richest nation, is struggling to deal with the coronavirus due to decades of government cutbacks and a dysfunctional political system headed by Donald Trump.

Hungary’s government seizes autocratic control

Hungary's government has effectively declared itself a dictatorship under the guise of combating the coronavirus.

Coronavirus and capitalism—Big Pharma’s addiction to profit

As the coronavirus spreads around the world, David Glanz looks at how capitalism and the corporate control of medicine means profit comes before public health

Strikes in a time of pandemic: The 1919 seafarers’ strike

Almost exactly 101 years ago, the first great pandemic of the twentieth century struck Australia. But 1919 was also the year of the biggest strike wave in Australia’s history.

Hutchison wharfies win COVID-19 safety measures

After a ten-day standoff with Hutchison, Sydney wharfies returned to work on Sunday 12 April after winning dramatic safety improvements to manage the risk of coronavirus at work.

Saving capitalism from itself: lessons from Rudd’s GFC stimulus

With the world facing the sharpest economic downturn in the history of capitalism, governments are again turning overnight from neo-liberal budget-balancers to Keynesians on steroids.

Crackdown on protest as refugee activist arrested and others fined over Melbourne cavalcade

On Friday Solidarity's Chris Breen was arrested and charged with "incitement" for helping to organise a car cavalcade protest past the Mantra Hotel in Preston, Melbourne.

Uni staff shouldn’t accept wage cuts for management promises on jobs

Union members at Sydney University have sent a strong message to the NTEU leadership to reject the strategy of accepting cuts to wages and conditions in return for promises of jobs.

Car convoy protests demand wage support for all—#NoWorkerLeftBehind

Unions have pledged to keep fighting for income support for all, holding car convoy protests in Sydney and Melbourne demanding #NoWorkerLeftBehind.

Shocking Hutchison Covid-19 cover-up puts profits before safety on the waterfront

Profits are being put before safety and lives at Hutchison Ports’ Sydney terminal, where two employees have now tested positive for COVID-19.

Coronavirus─the myth that we’re ‘all in it together’

“There are no more unions or bosses. There are just Australians now.” So said Scott Morrison last week.

Protests across Sydney fight for workers’ rights through the COVID-19 crisis

Trade unionists and students took action across Sydney today to defend the livelihoods and health of workers and the community through the COVID-19 crisis.

Editorial: Morrison’s failure to stop the virus the result of a sick system

The coronavirus pandemic could see 150,000 people in Australia die in a “worst case scenario” if it spreads unchecked.

Testing shortage and state of hospitals show Morrison’s failure

Scott Morrison is losing control of the coronavirus outbreak due to lack of testing—and has failed to deliver the enormous expansion in healthcare services needed.

Big pharma’s thirst for profit has held back vaccine research

One reason for the vaccine delay is that the big pharmaceutical companies have been disinterested in developing virus treatments, fearing they won’t be profitable.

Big powers put imperialist rivalries before human lives

Instead of co-operating in the face of humanitarian crisis, Donald Trump and other world leaders are using the coronavirus outbreak to advance their own power and imperialist interests.

Detention is a coronavirus danger—free the refugees now

As the coronavirus spreads, calls are growing louder to free immigration detainees from the detention centres and hotels.

Morrison spends big to bail out business not protect workers

The coronavirus pandemic means the world is facing a major recession. Morrison has announced $189 billion in economic measures—but his focus is overwhelmingly on bailouts for business, not workers.

It’s Morrison to blame for spreading the virus

Morrison and the national cabinet have announced what he called “stage one restrictions” closing cafés, restaurants, pubs, churches and cinemas.

Morrison fails on coronavirus: expand testing, medical services and sick pay now

The spread of the coronavirus has created a global health crisis and precipitated a global economic crisis. Australia’s economy was already stalling and is now almost certainly in recession.

Morrison’s coronavirus travel ban fuels anti-Chinese racism

Following Donald Trump, Scott Morrison’s travel ban on everyone from China who is not an Australian citizen or permanent resident has fuelled the racist response here.