Climate change

NSW cracks down on mining protests

The Baird Government in NSW is working overtime to clear the way for unfettered expansion of fossil fuel mining, introducing serious new penalties, including a potential of seven years in prison,

Trading our way to disaster on carbon

Labor is again proposing a price on carbon as the centrepiece of its climate policy. The unpopularity of the carbon tax experiment means they now advocate an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)

Morwell coal fire puts lives and climate at risk

For more than eight weeks, the fire at the Hazelwood open-cut coal mine in Victoria spewed toxic smoke and ash across Morwell. Meanwhile the state Liberals and the company that own the mine, GDF

Liberals slash while Australia burns

The bushfire season began shockingly early this year. This is exactly what climate scientists are telling us to expect as the climate warms. And now in another devastating climate tragedy, 10,000

Time to fight for renewables, not carbon tax

Tony Abbott is taking every opportunity to cast doubt on climate change. He called attempts to link climate change and the NSW bush fires “complete hogwash” and said that Christiana Figueres, the

Community campaign challenging East West tunnel plan

A community campaign is fighting the Victorian Liberal government’s planned East West toll link tunnel. The multi-lane road tunnel will cost $6-8 billion and involve the demolition of large areas

Wild weather summer exposes Labor’s climate crimes

Wild weather around Australia this summer has put the reality of climate change into sharp relief. The whole country was caught in the grip of a heatwave that produced vicious fires along the

Gillard fiddles while Australia burns

With a new record-breaking heat wave producing catastrophic fires across the country, why is there so little discussion about climate change?

Coal plants closing, but no thanks to the carbon tax

The record-breaking “Frankenstorm” Hurricane Sandy, which wrecked a trail of destruction from Cuba and Haiti to New York, has shown again that climate change is a reality. Disasters and wild

They all admit it: the carbon tax means gas

The carbon tax is law. This is Gillard Labor’s “historic reform”. Their “dollar float”. According to Treasurer Wayne Swan it is “Labor to the bootstraps”. As soon as the carbon tax was

Funding a clean energy future?

Labor’s carbon price legislation includes the establishment of a Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC). The government claims this means $10 billion in funding for renewables, but a quick

Guy Pearse’s demolition of carbon tax apologetics

Guy Pearse, a former Liberal staffer turned critic of the influence of big fossil fuel companies, has written a searing critique of the climate movement’s slavish support for the carbon price in