The Liberals are continuing their anti-union crusade and also expanding the use of fossil fuels.

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As the climate crisis accelerates, strike back on 20 September

The climate crisis is rapidly accelerating. July was the hottest month since records began. This is leading to a new wave of climate activism.

Marxism and ecology

Karl Marx argued that capitalism was a system that distorts humanity’s relationship to the environment

Deregistration—union busting the BLF

Tom Orsag looks at how deregistration in 1986 virtually destroyed the Builders Labourers Federation, in a warning for unions facing the same thing today


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Morrison’s new attack on CFMMEU and the right to strike

The Morrison government has launched a fresh attack on trade unions with a new bill that would even further hamper their ability to organise.



Hong Kong rises up against repression

Hong Kong’s extraordinary protest movement has now lasted over ten weeks. Every weekend brings new demonstrations, and battles with police.

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