Scott Morrison may have won the election. But his government has a very thin majority—and plenty of problems ahead.

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Religious freedom no excuse for Folau’s homophobia

The right has seized upon the sacking of football superstar Israel Folau to further a homophobic campaign in the name of “religious freedoms”.

Why didn’t workers trust Labor?

Labor was unable to win over working class voters at the election with its promises of change—reflecting long term decline in its class roots and credibility, writes James Supple

Tiananmen square—30 years since China’s revolt

In 1989 students in Beijing sparked an upheaval that drew in millions of ordinary workers, and spread all across the country, writes Mark Goudkamp


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Interview: Fast Ferry workers fight for safety, fair pay and secure jobs

Workers at Manly Fast Ferries in Sydney have staged a number of strikes as they fight for a decent enterprise agreement and push to reduce casualisation. Solidarity spoke to Maritime Union Australia delegate for Manly Fast Ferries Brock Mamo about the dispute



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