As word has spread of the police killing, so has the outrage.

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Cops crackdown on Extinction Rebellion—defend the right to protest

Extinction Rebellion actions blocking traffic and producing dozens of arrests have ignited a media backlash. Police have launched a major crackdown.

Why green business can’t solve climate change

The trillions invested in fossil fuels and the cost of shifting to alternatives economy-wide means green business cannot solve the climate crisis, writes Lachlan Marshall

What causes domestic violence?

Lucy Honan looks at a new book by award-winning journalist Jess Hill on the causes of domestic violence—and what can be done about it


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Woolies warehouse workers strike back for pay equality and respect

Woolworths’ warehouse workers from one of the biggest distribution sheds in Sydney went on strike for 24 hours last Friday to send a clear message to management.



How Greek anti-racists beat back fascists of Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn, a violent neo-Nazi party in Greece, grew rapidly following the economic collapse after 2009. But now, according to Petros Constantinou, a key figure in the anti-racist and anti-fascist movement KEERFA, “the rise of Golden Dawn is over.”

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