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Crypto crisis exposes chaos of the system

The crypto bubble has burst, destroying billions of dollars of notional wealth. It’s not just the “crypto bros” who have lost out. Many ordinary people who got caught up in the hype have lost savings.

NSW nurses strike again as health system chaos continues—but electing Labor not enough to fix it

Nurses and midwives across NSW joined a 24-hour strike yesterday, their fourth strike day in nine months.

Dan Andrews—progressive sheen covering a law and order agenda

Victoria’s claim to be “the most progressive state in the nation” leaves out some inconvenient facts.

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Nurses in WA take on Labor government over staffing and pay

WA nurses have begun industrial action, after more than two years of the pandemic, crisis level ambulance ramping at hospitals, short-staffed shifts, and a paltry pay offer from the state Labor government.

Climate action

World heads for climate disaster as COP27 brings more broken promises

The world is on a “highway to hell”, the UN’s Antonio Guterres warned as world leaders began gathering at the COP27 climate talks.

Racism and Aboriginal rights

Eyewitness report: Australia’s other offshore hell—lift the ban on refugees in Indonesia

Ian Rintoul recently returned from a refugee movement fact-finding trip to Indonesia. He reports on the plight of refugees trapped there by Australian government policy


Iran protests still growing as regime fears worker revolt

Protest and rebellion have swept Iran for almost two months since the murder of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini by the regime’s notorious morality police.


Reith dies: don’t mourn Howard’s anti-union thug

Peter Reith was a class warrior and fought for the most racist, sexist and anti-working class section of the Australian ruling class. Good riddance.

Fighting sexism

Gillard’s misogyny speech tainted by her hypocrisy on sexism

Sunday 9 October is the tenth anniversary of Julia Gillard’s Misogyny Speech, when she destroyed Liberal leader Tony Abbott in parliament.


Funding public health the alternative to lockdowns

Chip Le Grand’s Lockdown is a fascinating look at the politics of COVID-19, focused on the experience of lockdown in Victoria.

Long reads

Sanctions: a double-edged weapon of imperialist war

Sanctions are a cruel weapon of war. But the imperialist powers that impose them can also face unintended consequences. David Glanz looks at a new book that explores the history of sanctions.

Radical history and theory

US backing puts Taiwan at the mercy of American war plans

Seeking the backing of the US puts Taiwan in the middle of the clash between superpower rivals—with potentially devastating consequences writes Phil Griffiths

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