This time school students will be joined by contingents of unionists on 20 September's Climate Strike

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Australian neo-colonialism and the climate crisis in the Pacific

The Australian government’s performance at the Pacific Island Forum laid bare a ruthless agenda of regional domination and profit making at all costs.

Why 100 per cent renewable energy requires public ownership

Penny Howard argues that public spending and ownership are the only way to ensure a rapid transition to 100 per cent renewable energy—and to protect workers’ jobs

Berejiklian pandering to anti-choice bigots on abortion bill

In an effort to appease the bigots in her party, Premier Gladys Berejiklian delayed the vote on the abortion bill and is considering amendments.


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Morrison’s new attack on CFMMEU and the right to strike

The Morrison government has launched a fresh attack on trade unions with a new bill that would even further hamper their ability to organise.



Tory crisis as Boris threatens Brexit crash out

Boris Johnson’s determination to exit the EU on 31 October, deal or no deal, has created an enormous political crisis in the UK.

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