Morrison has been incapable of tackling either the immediate crisis or the climate emergency behind it.

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After decisive vote, no more excuses on delivering independence for Bougainville

The people of Bougainville, a province of Papua New Guinea, have voted for independence by a huge 98.31 per cent, in their long-awaited referendum held in November.

Corbyn’s compromises with Labour right led to defeat

The British election is less a rejection of Corbyn’s left-wing policies than a judgement on his compromises over Labour’s position on Brexit.

Climate change is a health hazard—Stop work action over toxic smoke shows how to...

Air pollution and smoke has blanketed Sydney for days, as bushfires burn across the state. Up to 100 workers at Port Botany refused to work as smoke reached hazardous levels last Thursday.


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Back to the weekend—New Zealand casino workers fight to get back penalty rates

Hundreds of SkyCity Casino workers in Auckland, New Zealand are striking every weekend to win back weekend penalty rates. Solidarity’s Erima Dall spoke to Tina Barnett, who works on the game floor at the casino.

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