The US, Britain and France have launched new airstrikes inside Syria. This only risks further escalating the war.

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Victorian union delegates ready to fight—but what about the right to strike?

Two thousand unionists filled Melbourne Town Hall and spilled out onto Swanston Street for the “Change the Rules” delegates meeting on 17 April.

Di Natale at the press club—which way for The Greens?

The Greens’ latest proposal to legalise adult cannabis use will be widely welcomed. It is a very modest, sensible, and safe proposal. But it can’t hide the fact that The Greens are in deep turmoil.

The rise of China—a dilemma for Australia’s rulers

China’s rise poses a dilemma for Australia’s rulers, writes David Glanz. The left needs to oppose both imperialist powers, as well as Australia’s own imperialist bullying


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