The horrific rape and murder of Eurydice Dixon has galvanised discussion about violence against women in Australia—and where it comes from

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Labor, the unions and the fight to close Manus and Nauru

The move by the Industrial Left group of unions to join with the right-wing AWU to prevent a slew of resolutions (including one on refugees) being debated at the Victorian ALP conference has left many refugee supporters angry and dismayed.

Fighting Casualisation—union power and the right to strike

Casualisation and insecure work is a growing problem, writes Amy Thomas. Union organising and industrial action have defeated it before, and can do so again.

Class, Power and Revolution—Anarchism or Marxism?

Anarchists and socialists share a common aim, but anarchism’s rejection of leadership, party organisation and the need for a workers’ state doom it to failure, writes Caitlin Doyle


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Port workers walk off for the right to strike

Four hundred unionists in Sydney led a boisterous march on the bosses’ court, the Fair Work Commission on 29 May, demanding the right to strike—and pledging to fight for it.



Warning for the left as racist right brought to power in Italy

“The good times for illegals are over. Get ready to pack your bags”, said Italy’s new Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, head of the far right League. One of his first moves was to refuse to allow a rescue boat carrying 600 asylum seekers from Africa to land in Italy.

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