The Liberals sit atop a system that breeds sexism and relies on the oppression of women to function.

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Sauce workers taste victory after six-week strike

Workers at the McCormick factory in Melbourne have scored a tremendous victory, beating back their multinational employer after six weeks on strike.

Kevin Cook—from BLF unionist to land rights activist

After starting as an organiser in the militant BLF construction union, Kevin Cook went on to play a key role in Indigenous education and the fight for land rights, writes Niko Chlopicki

Refugee activist found not guilty on incitement charge

Refugee Action Collective Victoria member Chris Breen has been found not guilty on the charge of incitement.

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Smeaton Grange starved back to work—But Coles workers could have won

The United Workers Union has a well deserved reputation among the union movement for organising and militancy. James Supple examines what went wrong at Smeaton

Yallourn closure’s threat to jobs shows need for publicly-run power

The announcement that the closure of the Yallourn power station has been brought forward by four years to 2028 is another nail in the coffin for coal-fired energy.

Racism and Aboriginal rights

Medevac refugees stuck in detention Catch-22—free them all

Even as the hotel-detention of Medevac refugees seems to be ending, the government is waging a bitter battle to keep the legal facade of offshore detention intact.


Workers can block coup in Myanmar

The struggle against the 1 February military coup in Myanmar is entering a crucial stage.

Fighting sexism

Sexist Liberals run a sexist system

The recent rape scandals highlight the need to smash a system that reduces women to sex objects and unpaid carers, writes Ruby Wawn

Radical history

The Paris Commune 150 years on—when workers stormed heaven

Peter Robinson explains the achievements of the Paris Commune of 1871 and its vital lessons about what a workers’ government would look like

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