Morrison has handed billions to business, but workers will be expected to sacrifice to deliver economic recovery from the pandemic.

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Greek Nazis jailed in victory for the anti-fascist movement

The leadership of Greece’s Nazi Golden Dawn party is behind bars, with leader Nikos Michaloliakos and six other former MPs sentenced to 13 years’ jail and another 11 former MPs to between five and seven years.

William Cooper—activist who helped found the Aboriginal rights movement

Aboriginal activist William Cooper led one of the earliest Aboriginal political organisations to fight against discrimination and racism, writes Feiyi Zhang

Handouts for business and the rich in budget that fails those hit by pandemic

The Liberals will shovel billions in subsidies and handouts to business and the rich, in a budget that fails those worst hit by the pandemic.

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MUA should defy effort by Patrick bosses and the Liberals to ban strikes

Scott Morrison has threatened wharfies at Patrick Terminals with federal government intervention for daring to request a pay rise “in the middle of a COVID-19 recession” accusing them of “a campaign of extortion against the Australian people”.

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