Morrison has tried to blame people's non-compliance with social distancing for the rapid increase in coronavirus cases

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Editorial: Morrison’s failure to stop the virus the result of a sick system

The coronavirus pandemic could see 150,000 people in Australia die in a “worst case scenario” if it spreads unchecked.

‘Never again’—understanding the horror of the Holocaust

On the 75th anniversay of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp, David Glanz looks at the causes of the Holocaust and how it emerged from Hitler’s fascist ideology

Morrison spends big to bail out business not protect workers

The coronavirus pandemic means the world is facing a major recession. Morrison has announced $189 billion in economic measures—but his focus is overwhelmingly on bailouts for business, not workers.


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No just transition for Holden workers after failure to fight for jobs

The final end of the car-maker General Motors Holden came in February. But there was never a serious fight for the one thing that could have saved the jobs—nationalisation.


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