Morrison’s first move after the election was to lock in massive tax cuts for the rich. He is now planning new attacks.

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Workers and unions organise to join September’s Climate Strike

Unionists are gearing up to join the next Strike for Climate on 20 September.

Liberals put their surplus above jobs and the economy

Scott Morrison went to the election boasting about the “strong economy” that six years of Liberal government had delivered. That claim has already unravelled.

Vietnam and the 1960s student rebellion

The US student movement in the 1960s began by rejecting ideology and the ‘old left’, but was soon forced to grapple with the power of capitalism and the state, says Daniel Cotton


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Trump ratchets up US aggression against Iran

The Trump administration and a coterie of allies—including Australia—are ratcheting up aggression against Iran and another disastrous war in the region shouldn’t be ruled out.

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