Protest works! That’s the lesson from the last couple of intense weeks that have finally seen the Murugappan Tamil family reunited in community detention in Perth.

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Liberals’ COVID contempt puts workers’ lives at risk

The fourth Victorian lockdown has highlighted how the Morrison government’s incompetence and negligence is putting millions at greater risk from the COVID pandemic.

Unions, students and the community reject Morrison’s $600 million Kurri Kurri gas plant

Opposition is growing to Scott Morrison’s $600 million plan for a new gas plant at Kurri Kurri in NSW.

Zionism and the Middle East—why the West arms Israel

Israel was established as a colonial settler state with the backing of the great powers, argues James Supple, and is still key to imposing Western control of the Middle East

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General Mills workers stage indefinite strike for a decent pay rise

Workers at General Mills in Sydney have been on strike for 11 days, fighting efforts to attack their conditions and demanding a decent pay rise.

Morrison funding spree promotes more gas and fossil fuels

The Federal Budget was silent on climate jobs, environmental protection, or climate action. Instead, the Morrison government has decided to throw more public money at carbon intensive industries.

Racism and Aboriginal rights


Fighting sexism

Carceral feminism—will new laws and longer sentences protect women?

New laws around coercive control have been proposed as a way to tackle violence against women. But the police can never be relied on to protect women, argues Thandi Bethune

Radical history and theory

Marx, alienation and the working class

Lachlan Marshall examines Karl Marx’s 1844 Manuscripts, where he analysed the alienation of working class life in the developing factory system

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