Blacktown shows how to beat Liberals’ privatisation plans

Up to 200 unionists and members of the Blacktown community attended a town hall meeting hosted by the United Services Union on December 2 to protest cutbacks and closures to services by Blacktown City Council. The meeting came after a victory in November, where plans to sell off Blacktown City Council’s 24 child ...

Nelson Mandela 1918-2013

Nelson Mandela was a giant in the fight against racism—and the world’s most famous prisoner. He was a symbol of defiance against injustice that inspired a great movement of resistance and solidarity.

Labor leadership “battle”: Where are the Left’s policies?

The Labor leadership contest between Bill Shorten and Anthony Albanese has been put forward as a major step that can rejuvenate the Labor Party and give Labor members a real say in the party. But this will be meaningless without policy changes to shift Labor to the left and abandon its legacy of neo-liberal ...

No mandate: Abbott can be beaten

Tony Abbott, a right-wing neo-liberal infamous for his misogyny and social conservatism, is moving into The Lodge. Millions are horrified about what this government will do. But Abbott won’t have it easy if we build the resistance against him.

Stop the bombing of Syria

The US is preparing to bomb Syria, with the full support of the Australian government and backing from France and other countries. But Western intervention can only make the situation in Syria worse and result in more civilian deaths.

Why the NTEU is right to back The Greens

In late June the NTEU National Council decided to support Greens candidates in the federal election for the first time. This is an important shift that has the potential to spark a wider debate, both within the unions and within The Greens, about how to build an alternative to Labor’s neo-liberalism.

Nation-wide protests fight Gillard’s university cuts

The $2.3 billion cuts to universities have unleashed a wave of anger across the country. A national day of protest on budget day organised by the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) along with student groups drew 1500 people in Melbourne and 500 in Sydney. Hundreds more protested in Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, ...

Sydney Uni strikes shake management

The strike campaign by Sydney Uni staff has already begun to force the intransigent, nasty management to back down from some aspects of their attack on staff conditions and education. Staff, represented by the NTEU and the CPSU, successfully shut down the campus for two days in late March, following a 24-hour ...

Sensis workers fight for jobs

In February, Sensis workers in Melbourne staged a 150-strong rally to protest against the company’s plans to cut 689 permanent positions and 100 temps. Three hundred and ninety-one jobs are being outsourced. The workers voted to take unprotected strike action and walked off the job for the rest of the afternoon.

Mardi Gras police violence—how far have we really come?

The YouTube video exposing the brutal attack by NSW police on Jamie Jackson at the recent Lesbian and Gay Mardi Gras has raised question marks over so many common sense ideas about the police and about homophobia in society. It has also enraged, with a snap demonstration organised in two days attracting more than ...

Protests ensure Wilders’ racism meets strong challenge

Dutch Islamophobe Geert Wilders hoped his Australian tour would further the spread of his racist anti-Muslim politics. But after he was dogged by protests and opposition, he told tour organisers, “I bet you think twice about ever inviting me to Australia again”.

Sydney Uni strike: the fight for our education is on

The Sydney University National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) is set to strike in week one of classes, following the return of their industrial action ballot. This marks the beginning of what will be an intense battle with University management, who are waging their most aggressive attack to date on staff, ...

Chinese journalists strike against censorship

Journalists at the influential, liberal-leaning newspaper Southern Weekly in Guangdong province staged a two-day strike against government censorship on January 7 and 8, the first such strike at a major newspaper for more than two decades.

Argo: flawlessly reproducing US propaganda on Iran

Argo, Ben Affleck’s gripping, highly entertaining and commercially successful thriller, depicts a little-known episode within the infamous 444-day hostage crisis that followed the Iranian Revolution. Without necessarily intending to be, the film is also one of the most effective pieces of US propaganda to have ...

The Greens’ fight to “replace the bastards”

Solidarity distributed this leaflet at The Greens’ national conference in Sydney on November 1-5, discussing some of the issues in The Greens’ focus on parliamentary influence and the potential to build a party that can be a megaphone for struggles, protest and resistance to Labor’s neo-liberal agenda.

ACT election: Greens pay price for rush to join government

The recent ACT election ended badly for the Labor-Greens governing partnership, with a 7.3 per cent swing and two extra seats for the Liberals. This should be an embarrassment to more moderate Greens, who argue that entering coalition governments with the major parties is the key to electoral success.

Fight the neoliberal university: stop the Sydney Uni Village rent hike

According to recent studies, 60 per cent of university students live below the poverty line and one in every eight regularly goes without food. Yet despite this epidemic of student poverty, Sydney University Village (SUV, or more recently, $UV) has ruthlessly decided to raise the minimum rent to $256.80.

Police violence and racism on display in attack on Muslim rally

Police, politicians and the media have unleashed a wave of anti-Muslim racism in response to the protest in Sydney against a film that mocks Islam. In words designed to stoke anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant racism, NSW Premier O’Farrell warned Muslims not to, “bring from overseas ethnic protest to this country”.

Round two in the Victorian teachers’ fight against Baillieu

An unprecedented 40,000 Victorian teachers and Education Support Staff stopped work on Wednesday 5 September. It was the second, and the biggest, strike in the campaign to win more than Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu’s offer of a 2.5 per cent pay increase. The meeting debated the way forward for the campaign ...

Latrobe students defy Open Day protest ban

Over 100 students protested at La Trobe University’s Open Day on August 26 against savage cuts to humanities, defying threats to suspend or expel students who joined “unauthorised” demonstrations.

Labor’s shame: Howard’s Pacific hell holes return

Labor has re-opened one of the darkest chapters in Australia’s history of refugee policies. In a final capitulation, Julia Gillard has embraced the Howard government’s Pacific Solution, forcing laws through parliament with the support of the Coalition to immediately reopen offshore processing centres ...

Militancy wins: Toll workers show how to fight

Workers employed by Toll at the Coles warehouse in Somerton, Victoria, have shown that militancy wins. After a two-week strike, the workers, covered by the National Union of Workers (NUW), have won improved conditions and a better pay offer.

Victorian teachers show we want to fight

More than 20,000 Victorian teachers went out on strike on Thursday 7 June, and more than 11,000 tried to cram into the Hisense Arena for the mass strike meeting—but there was not enough room. Five hundred had to stay outside and watch the meeting on a screen. It was the biggest teachers’ strike in ...

Egyptian presidential elections: stop Mubarak’s man

Egypt’s Revolutionary Socialists argue that the revolutionary movement in Egypt must do everything it can to keep Mubarak henchman Ahmad Shafiq from winning in the next round of the Presidential elections, and apply pressure on the Muslim Brotherhood for real change

As VC’s axe falls, Sydney Uni rebels

On the same day the axe fell on academic jobs at Sydney University, students and staff hit the streets in a day of anger, and successfully blockaded a Senate meeting for several hours despite encountering severe police violence.

Rudd vs Gillard: it’s tweedledum vs tweedledee

The leadership showdown between Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard is a contest completely lacking in substance—and in any serious policy differences. No matter what the outcome, the problems at the heart of Labor’s crisis—its right-wing policies and constant capitulations to big business—will continue to fester.

Hands off our education: stop the staff cuts at Sydney Uni

At the end of 2011 the Sydney University administration announced 340 job cuts (150 academic and 190 general) to be finalised by February 2012. They claim that this is because of reduced income. But they have plenty of money to spend on buildings and technology to promote Sydney University. This is about ...

Labor conference fails to halt Gillard’s drive to the right

Labor’s national conference saw a greater challenge to the government’s right-wing policies than at the previous event in 2009, where then leader Kevin Rudd orchestrated proceedings to ensure there was no debate. But the overall result was that Julia Gillard forced through a further shift to the right—and did ...

Support swells for Baiada workers’ fight (in pictures and video)

On the weekend, striking poultry workers at Baiada’s Laverton factory and their supporters defeated police attempts to break up their picket, which has now been going strong for nearly a week. Then on Sunday, the workers and their union held a successful union and community rally to support the ...

Support the Baiada chicken workers

Baiada poultry workers at Laverton, Victoria, members of the National Union of Workers (NUW), began an indefinite strike on Wednesday 9 November for better conditions, a 5 per cent pay rise a year for the next three years, better health and safety conditions and job security. Despite threats and intimidation by ...

Occupy! Spread the spirit of resistance

On October 15, more than a million people took to the streets around the globe. From Seoul to Santa Fe, in so many different languages, the protests expressed the anger felt by millions at the economic crisis and a political class that doesn’t represent their interests.

Occupy Australia—Build the struggles to fight the system

The Occupy Wall Street protests have struck a chord, voicing opposition to corporate power and disillusionment with the US political system. It has mushroomed into a movement that has spread to 70 other cities across the US. It also injected renewed energy into the anti-austerity movements in Europe, and has now ...

Strikes deepen Egypt’s revolution

The revolution in Egypt is gaining new momentum. The strikes that began in the summer have stepped up. The hated Hosni Mubarak is on trial. And steel tycoon Ahmed Ezz was sentenced to ten years in jail on Thursday of last week for corruption.

A step backwards for climate action: The truth about the carbon tax

Solidarity has produced a factsheet outlining why the carbon tax package will not cut emissions, how the approach of pushing costs onto workers has given Tony Abbott an enormous free kick, and that there is an alternative approach—taxing the polluters to fund government investment in renewable energy

Time to fight the rise of sexism

The thousands taking to the streets for “slutwalk” rallies show the anger at the widespread and growing sexism in society—exemplified in the efforts to blame women for rape. Solidarity produced this statement for the demonstrations.

Vale Bob Gould

Obituary: Bob Gould 1937-2011 Bob Gould dedicated his life to defending the rights of the working class and the fight for a socialist society and his passing is a blow to the labour movement.

Message from Curtin hunger striker as protests spread

This message was conveyed to the Refugee Action Coalition by a hunger strike inside Curtin detention centre. 1500 mostly Afghan refugees are detaineed in Curtin detention centre. 300 of them are now on hunger strike, demanding that refugee activists who have bused in from Perth and elsewhere be allowed into the ...

Union fightback can stop the Liberals in NSW

Labor’s thumping in the NSW election was hardly a surprise. Disgust with its corruption, privatisation and the run down of schools, hospitals and public transport had been building for years. But the election result is not a mandate for Liberal policies.

New carbon price proposal is the CPRS version 2.0

Flanked by Greens Senators Bob Brown and Christine Milne, Julia Gillard announced at a press conference on February 24 that she wants to introduce a price on carbon (a carbon tax) that will become an emissions trading scheme in three to five years. The announcement has been welcomed by the some of the climate ...

Libya, Bahrain and beyond: the revolt continues to spread

A storm of revolutions, uprisings and revolts continues to thunder across the Middle East. Its speed and scale is breathtaking. Following the overthrow of Ben Ali in Tunisia, and Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, all regimes in the region—whether considered friendly or hostile to the West—have been challenged by this ...

Don’t return survivors to Christmas Island

Refugee Action Coalition media release Refugee supporters and relatives of the survivors’ relatives again gathered at the Miowera Road gates of Villawood detention centre at 8.30am Thursday, 17 February to call on the Minister of Immigration not to return the Christmas Island disaster survivors to the island.

Egyptian socialist: ‘We can make Mubarak run like Ben Ali’

They said they would be there, and they were. The 25 January was declared a “Day of Anger” by democratic and socialist forces a week beforehand. The significance of the choice of date cannot be overestimated—it is “Police Day”— an occasion when the regime incessantly drums up the virtues of its patriotic ...

IST statement: Tunisia shows that revolution is possible

A statement from the International Socialist Tendency, a global network of socialist organisations of which Solidarity is a part: The importance of the victory of the Tunisian masses is not limited to the successful overthrow of Ben-Ali, ending 23 years of dictatorship. The Tunisian Revolution refutes the ...

Riots rock authoritarian regimes in Tunisia and Algeria

Uprisings are shaking the authoritarian regimes of Tunisia and Algeria in North Africa. Protests have raged for more than three weeks in Tunisia. High youth unemployment, poverty and a rising cost of living—combined with the obscene wealth of the elite and corruption—has led to fury.

Government to blame for Christmas Island tragedy

Refugee Action Coalition media release 15 December 2010: “Government anti-refugee policy is responsible for the tragedy on Christmas Island,” said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition. “Our heart goes out to the people and their families of the asylum seekers who have lost their lives, so ...

Wikileaks exposes an empire built on lies

The avalanche of secret US diplomatic cables has raised the rage of world leaders against Julian Assange and Wikileaks to fever pitch. They have launched a concerted international campaign to shut Assange and Wikileaks down—seemingly by whatever means at their disposal.

New carbon price committee will get us nowhere

Julia Gillard’s deal with The Greens to establish a parliamentary committee on a carbon price has been hailed as a new chance for serious action on climate change. The Greens have led the charge for a carbon tax; new MP Adam Bandt has called it “the key to dealing with the climate change challenge.”

Greens breakthrough shows potential for the left

“Together we have made history today”, Adam Bandt declared, as he became the first Green to win a lower house seat in a general election. The surge to The Greens shows that, despite Gillard’s effort to race Abbott to the right, larger numbers than ever want a left-wing alternative.

Brumby climate promises only look good next to federal government failure

Victorian Premier John Brumby’s recently announced climate policies have seen him hailed as the first Australian politician to get serious about climate change. But his promises on climate have fallen though in the past, and so far the details of how large-scale solar power would be boosted under his new plan are ...

Gillard caves in to the mining bosses

Julia Gillard has capitulated to the mining companies to end their campaign against Labor’s mining tax. The speedy acceptance of her compromise deal by the wealthiest mining companies BHP Billiton, Xstrata and Rio Tinto shows the extent of the government’s retreat.

Flotilla slaughter exposes Israel as a terrorist state

In the early hours of Monday morning, Israeli naval ships and helicopters descended upon an international aid flotilla headed toward the Gaza strip. The trained killers of the Israeli armed forces opened fire on the activists aboard six of the boats, mostly from Turkey and Greece. Nine people were murdered. Even ...

Thailand: hundreds of thousands take to the streets to demand democracy

Update: After Democrat politicians bring weapons into Parliament and their officials throw CS gas cannisters into peaceful Red Shirt protestors outside, the Government then declared a state of emergency in Bangkok. This gives them the power to shut down all opposition media and use force against the pro-democracy ...

Teachers union right to ban NAPLAN tests

Teaching unions around the country have pledged to ban upcoming national testing after newspapers in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne used information from the “My School” website to publish damaging and misleading league tables late in January.

Chris Harman 1942-2009

Solidarity (Australia) joins other socialists around the world to mourn the passing of Chris Harman. International socialism has sadly lost one of its greatest thinkers.

Rudd panders to terrorism hysteria

Massive “counter-terrorism” raids in Melbourne last week have further stirred up racism against Muslims and immigrants. More than 400 police were involved in the raids, including paramilitary squads armed with sub-machine guns. Five men are being charged under draconian “anti-terror” legislation with making ...

NSW teachers ban school league tables

Five hundred and fifty New South Wales Teachers Federation union delegates have unanimously voted for a series of actions to stop the publication of school league tables at their annual conference.

Iran’s new fight for freedom

IRAN IS being rocked by massive people power demonstrations-the biggest since the 1979 revolution that overthrew the hated Shah.  Night after night, hundreds of thousands of people have poured into the streets of Tehran and other cities to join protests against the rigged election win of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Thousands rally nationally for renewable energy, & against CPRS

Thousands have rallied around the country calling for funding renewable energy as an alternative to the governments polluter friendly emissions trading scheme, there were climate protests in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Cairns, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Wollongong. 

People Power Rocks Iran

There is a new popular power sweeping Iran. In one of the biggest mass demonstrations since the toppling of the US-backed Shah in 1979, some one million people descended onto the streets of the capital Tehran to protest at an election widely seen as rigged.

150,000 remember Tianamen massacre in Hong Kong

One hundred and fifty thousand people attended the Hong Kong candlelight vigil in Victoria Park to commemorate those killed in Tiananmen Square on June 4 1989. They came to pay tribute to the bravery of those who stared down the soldiers and tanks.

Thousands rally against racist attacks (photos & report)

Thousands of people have marched in Melbourne today (Sunday May 31) against racist attacks on people of Indian origin living in Melbourne.  There have also been attacks in Sydney, last week Indian student, Rajesh Kumar, was left with burns to 30% of his body after a petrol bomb was thrown into his apartment.

Strike hits six universities

Workers at five universities in Melbourne — Melbourne, Monash, Swinburne, RMIT and Deakin, plus a Hawthorn college — struck on Thursday, May 21.

NTEU strike leaflet

Howard’s long gone – so why are uni managements still acting like Liberals? Labor was elected amid talk of an education revolution. But uni managements continue to act as if nothing has changed.

Statement on CPRS (emissions trading)

*No compromise with Rudd’s flawed scheme. More than ever the CPRS is worse than useless* Recent developments around the Rudd government’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) highlight the need for the climate movement to clearly oppose and mobilise against the scheme in its entirety.

Support Pacific Brands workers—defend every job

Support from Hong Kong Trade Unions for Pacific Brands workers  Workers across the country are disgusted and outraged with the announcement that Pacific Brands bosses plan to sack 1850 workers. The bosses’ greed is astounding. A fight to save the jobs would win widespread support.

Charles Darwin’s discovery

This year marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin. It is also 150 years since the publication of the book that made him world famous, indeed notorious – On The Origin Of Species By Means Of Natural Selection.

Solidarity Discussion Paper for 2009 Climate Summit

Only a few years ago mainstream debate on climate change was still focused on debates with climate skeptics about whether the threat was real. Today climate change is a mainstream issue—it was one of the key issues in bringing Kevin Rudd to power in late 2007 and tackling it has moved to the center of...

Stop Israel’s massacre in Gaza

Israel has expanded its murderous air attack on Gaza into a full ground assault. With all borders sealed, 1.5 million Palestinians are trapped—with little electricity or fuel and severe shortages of food, clean water and medicines. Download Solidarity pdf Broadsheet

Turnbull’s refugee bashing condemned

Turnbull’s call for the re-introduction of temporary protection visas shows how much the Liberal opposition is in thrawl to the failed policies of the Howard era, according to refugee groups.

Thailand: a second “Coup for the Rich”

By Giles Ji Ungpakorn in Bangkok Today the Constitutional Court dissolved the democratically elected governing party in Thailand for the second time, forcing the government to resign. This follows the refusal of the armed forces and the police to follow government instructions to clear the two international ...

NSW teachers plan 48 hour strike in January 09

20,000 teachers at meetings around the state have voted to take 48 hours of industrial action from the start of the 2009 school year, in the event of the NSW government not abandoning its attacks on wages, conditions and the staffing of public schools.

It’s as easy as ABC Julia!

Solidarity believes the federal government should take over ABC Learning Centres, CFK Childcare and any other “unprofitable” centres.

The Thai circus continues

The Thai political crisis took another farcical turn today when the courts ruled that Prime Minister Samak must resign because he appears on a TV cooking programme.

2000 Union Delegates Meet To Defend Noel Washington

2000 union delegates attended a mass meeting to defend Noel Washington, CFMEU official facing 6 months jail for refusing to be interrogated by the Howard era Australian Building & Construction Commission (ABCC). The ABCC wanted to question him about what was said at a union meeting that took place outside of work ...

One year on, rallies demand an end to NT intervention

On June 21, people from ten cities around Australia took to the streets to protest the ongoing NT Intervention. One year since John Howard and Mal Brough announced the Intervention in the NT the vast majority of it continues to be rolled out, full steam ahead, by Kevin Rudd.

Building a Movement Against Climate Change

Solidarity has produced a climate change position paper to coincide with the Climate Camp in Newcastle in July. It runs through, in some detail, our critique of the climate camp’s focus on coal exports, the myth of the individual carbon footprint, and what sorts of demands and organisation are needed to ...