Inside the world of the corporate vultures

Antony Loewenstein’s latest book explores the corrupt and destructive alliances between governments and multi-national corporations. Loewenstein labels this vulture capitalism, where unaccountable corporations are more powerful than states and politicians are lobbied and bought, resulting in rampant privatisation ...

Argo: flawlessly reproducing US propaganda on Iran

Argo, Ben Affleck’s gripping, highly entertaining and commercially successful thriller, depicts a little-known episode within the infamous 444-day hostage crisis that followed the Iranian Revolution. Without necessarily intending to be, the film is also one of the most effective pieces of US propaganda to have ...

Chomsky’s “Occupy” reflects the good and the bad

Occupy By Noam Chomsky $9.95, Penguin Occupy by Noam Chomsky is the first of the Zuccotti Park Press/Occupied Media Pamphlet Series produced by the US Occupy movement. The short book is a collection of Chomsky’s speeches made at various Occupy events and pays homage to the political significance of the movement.

Sexual liberation and the politics of pornography

Money Shot: A Journey into Porn and Censorship By Jeff Sparrow $29.95, Scribe The left is tangled up in knots over the politics of pornography. Left-wing academics like Clive Hamilton are trying to fight sexist objectification by forming anti-porn alliances with pro-lifers like Melinda Tankard-Reist. In search of ...

Asking why Labor stands for nothing

Review article: Power Crisis, by Rodney Cavalier, Cambridge University Press, $34.99 and All That’s Left: What Labor Should Stand For, Edited by Nick Dyrenfurth and Tim Soutphommasane UNSW Press, $29.95

Goodbye to all that?

Review: Goodbye to all that: The failure  of neoliberalism and the urgency of change Edited by David McKnight and Robert Manne, Black Inc, $32.95


I was born in 1970 in small town New Zealand. I grew up in the 80s in country NSW. I was in a closet inside a closet. I came out in 1995 in Sydney. My family coped. Nearly all my friends stayed friends. I can be open at work. I owe a lot to the previous...

Last Drinks: Toohey’s racist diatribe

THE WIDESPREAD acclaim for The Australian journalist Paul Toohey’s Last Drinks: The Impact of the Northern Territory Intervention (Quarterly Essay 30, June 2008), demonstrates just how deeply racist attitudes to Aboriginal people are embedded in Australian politics and culture.

1968–the year the world revolted

Of all the articles, features, memoirs and books devoted to 1968, “The Fire Last Time: 1968 and After”, by Chris Harman, the editor of International Socialism journal, is still, by some distance, the best.