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Tax avoidance is big business

The Australian Tax Office released the Corporate Tax Transparency Report in December. This first report specifically names the companies who paid new tax.

Turnbull wins

Turnbull—a new salesman but the same agenda

Just two years into his term as Prime Minister, Tony Abbott has been toppled by his own party. This is cause for celebration for all those disgusted with his cuts, racism and anti-worker


Counter-rallies outnumber racist Reclaim Australia

Reclaim Australia has been humiliated, with its second round of racist anti-Muslim protests a flop. Practically everywhere they were outnumbered by anti-racist counter-rallies, and could only

Ireland same-sex

Same-sex marriage in sight as Abbott gives in

After years of stalling, same-sex marriage now looks possible before the end of the year. Tony Abbott has signaled his willingness to allow a conscience vote so long as the legislation is moved


Abbott keeps his cuts amid budget smoke and mirrors

Tony Abbott is desperately praying that this year’s budget will save his skin. But the budget cuts from last year remain in place, and even his new spending on childcare relies on taking money


Blame Abbott—don’t blame Muslims

The media have launched a torrent of anti-Muslim scaremongering in response to the hostage situation in Sydney’s Martin Place.

Penrith council2

Penrith rejects vicious anti-Muslim campaign

Muslims and anti-racists have won a victory in a battle against bigotry in Penrith, outer Sydney, after the application to build a Muslim community centre was approved by Penrith Council.