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Blame Abbott—don’t blame Muslims

The media have launched a torrent of anti-Muslim scaremongering in response to the hostage situation in Sydney’s Martin Place.

Penrith council2

Penrith rejects vicious anti-Muslim campaign

Muslims and anti-racists have won a victory in a battle against bigotry in Penrith, outer Sydney, after the application to build a Muslim community centre was approved by Penrith Council.


New terror laws will let ASIO off the leash

The government is using hysteria about terrorism to deliver a major boost to ASIO and police powers. It has devised an enormous number of new and modified anti-terror laws that make it easier to


Terror raids fuel Abbott’s Islamophobia

Raids by 870 Australian Federal Police (AFP) and state police smashed their way into properties across Sydney and Brisbane yesterday, executing 28 search warrants in pre-dawn raids, billed as

Delegates mtg

NSW union delegates push to revive budget campaign

Unions NSW used a meeting of around 250 delegates yesterday to announce plans for a community-based state election campaign. But a group of rank-and-file activists won a resolution calling for a


How Muckaty won against waste dump

Warlmanpa people fighting attempts to dump nuclear waste on their land at Muckaty in the Northern Territory are celebrating an historic victory.


Strike out Abbott’s budget

Tony Abbott’s budget has been met with outrage right across the community. We need to call on the ACTU to hold nationally coordinated industrial action until Abbott backs down.

Racists go home

Liberals’ aim to boost racism, not free speech

The Liberals’ moves to water down the Racial Discrimination Act (RDA) will give confidence to racists everywhere. Attorney General George Brandis has cited the court finding against notorious

A protest at the Australian embassy in Dili

Australia’s Timor oil grab exposed in spy scandal

Following the Abbott government’s arrogance over the Indonesian spying scandal, there have been fresh revelations of a disgraceful Australian government spying operation in East Timor. The

Nelson Mandela was a symbol of defiance against injustice that inspired a great movement of resistance and solidarity.

Nelson Mandela 1918-2013

Nelson Mandela was a giant in the fight against racism—and the world’s most famous prisoner. He was a symbol of defiance against injustice that inspired a great movement of resistance and solidarity.

Millions join national strike across Indonesia

Over two million workers struck across Indonesia on Thursday and Friday last week. The workers want a 50 per cent wage rise as well as healthcare and an end to contract work and outsourcing.