Labor serves up spending cuts and mining super profits

The Mining Rent Resource Tax was meant to be the way in which the massive profits of the mining boom were going to be spread around. But it turns out that the big mining companies have paid exactly nothing in the first three months and will probably pay nothing for the rest of the year...

Fight needed as NSW Liberals launch more education cuts

The NSW O’Farrell government has justified public sector cutbacks with claims of a budget shortfall. Then $1 billion extra was suddenly found in the NSW budget thanks to accounting errors identified in October. But this hasn’t stopped O’Farrell from driving through cuts to education of $1.7 billion over four years.

Nauru asylum seekers fight for freedom

The Labor government have done everything they can to construct hell on earth on Nauru. But they did not count on the brave and determined resistance by asylum seekers detained there that has already thrown their Pacific Solution into crisis.

Bowen raises the refugee deportation stakes

On October 31, a Tamil asylum seeker, Anjan, came very close to being deported from Melbourne to Sri Lanka. Despite a picket of refugee supporters at the entrance of the Maribyrnong Detention Centre, Anjan had been taken from the detention centre and was left waiting anxiously at Melbourne airport.

ACT elections show dangers of parliamentary approach

The recent ACT election ended badly for the Labor-Greens governing partnership, with a 4.9 per cent swing against The Greens and three seats lost. The result is an embarrassment to the strategy of the more moderate Greens, who argue that entering coalition governments with the major parties is the key to success.

Taser deaths show why killer cops must face justice

The inquiry into the death of Brazilian student Roberto Laudisio Curti has thrown an international spotlight on the brutal use of tasers by the NSW Police. Curti was threatening no one. He was fleeing from police after stealing two packets of biscuits from a service station and probably suffering psychosis from ...

Coal plants closing, but no thanks to the carbon tax

The record-breaking “Frankenstorm” Hurricane Sandy, which wrecked a trail of destruction from Cuba and Haiti to New York, has shown again that climate change is a reality. Disasters and wild weather are becoming more common as the planet heats up. At the same time in Australia, almost unreported, there has been a ...

Victory for the left in NSW PSA elections

Progressive PSA candidates have beaten incumbent officials in the union elections in the Public Service Association (PSA) in NSW. The public sector has been in the firing line of NSW Liberal Premier Barry O’Farrell, with thousands of job losses and cuts to conditions. The Progressives’ victories are a boost to the ...

Chavez wins election, but Venezuela’s revolution at a crossroads

Hugo Chavez won Venezuela’s presidential election in October, heading off a challenge from the right-wing candidate, Henrique Capriles. Progressives and leftists in Venezuela, Latin America and around the world breathed a sigh of relief. But while it was the highest ever voter turnout for Chavez, it was also the ...

Chomsky’s “Occupy” reflects the good and the bad

Occupy By Noam Chomsky $9.95, Penguin Occupy by Noam Chomsky is the first of the Zuccotti Park Press/Occupied Media Pamphlet Series produced by the US Occupy movement. The short book is a collection of Chomsky’s speeches made at various Occupy events and pays homage to the political significance of the movement.

Sexual liberation and the politics of pornography

Money Shot: A Journey into Porn and Censorship By Jeff Sparrow $29.95, Scribe The left is tangled up in knots over the politics of pornography. Left-wing academics like Clive Hamilton are trying to fight sexist objectification by forming anti-porn alliances with pro-lifers like Melinda Tankard-Reist. In search of ...