Issue 43 - Mar

Union power is the alternative to Labor’s crisis

Julia Gillard may have triumphed over Kevin Rudd in Labor’s leadership brawl. But Labor remains headed for electoral oblivion—and it is Gillard’s policies that are to blame. It would have been no

Villawood fire trials—still waiting for justice

There was a myth perpetuated by the official inquiry into the Christmas Island protests in March and April last year—that the protests were a result of disgruntled failed refugees at risk of

Kevin Rudd, Labor, and the real faceless men

In one of his numerous press conferences during the Labor leadership showdown, Kevin Rudd called for, “reform of the Labor Party itself, so that our party is equipped for the tasks of the 21st

Putin’s rise and rule in Russia

Until the protest movement burst onto Russia’s streets at the end of 2011, Putin had presided over (as both President and Prime Minister) 11 years of relatively unchallenged rule.

A new workers’ paper in Greece

Workers at Eleftherotypia, Greece’s second largest newspaper have taken over their workplace and begun producing their own newspaper to report on the movement against austerity,

New wave of Greek austerity answered by new strikes

The new Greek austerity package, demanded by “the troika”—the IMF, European Union (EU) and European Central Bank imposes further vicious cuts on the people of Greece. But the level of workers’