Fight needed to stop 600 job cuts at Bridgestone

The business media, and an increasing number of politicians, are claiming that the economic crisis has passed and we are entering into a sustained period of “recovery”. Try telling that to the 600 workers who will be sacked following the closure of Bridgestone Australia’s Adelaide plant, announced in October.

Rudd races to the bottom on refugees

The Rudd government is involved in a disgraceful bidding war with the Liberals about which party is toughest on refugees. As Christmas Island detention fills up, Rudd has been spooked by the small increase in asylum boat arrivals, and stung by Opposition criticism that his refugee policies have failed.

Obsession with market policies dooms renewables

The recent collapse of Solar Systems, the only company in Australia capable of building large-scale solar power stations, has exposed Rudd’s failure to support renewables. Central to this is the obsession that building and funding renewable energy must be left to the free market.

Terror laws see Sydney men convicted on thought crimes

ON FRIDAY October 16 five Sydney men were convicted of plotting a terrorist act. First arrested in November 2005, along with four others in Sydney and 13 men in Melbourne, the fate of these men is a reminder of the need to scrap the anti-terror laws once and for all.

Huge US march for LGBT equality hits Washington

On October 11 in a sunny Washington DC park I waited with fellow early arrivals to see if the call for a national lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender march would be answered.  An hour later, with protesters filling the avenue as far as the eye could see with banners, chants and rainbows the answer was...

Afghan election farce exposes Karzai’s corruption

Foreign affairs Minister Stephen Smith claimed the elections in Afghanistan would be “an important step for Afghanistan’s developing democracy”. Instead they have seen the credibility of the US-led occupation completely collapse after Afghan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah pulled out of a planned run-off ...

Polarisation in German election sees Left advance

Angela Merkel’s conservative CDU party was re-elected in the recent German elections—but the main outcome was polarisation to the left and right. Among the major beneficiaries was Die Linke—the young radical left party which has grown as a result of the rightward shift of the equivalent of the Labor party, the SPD.

Nazis don’t deserve free speech

After its recent electoral breakthrough, the British National Party (BNP), a fascist organisation that wants to institute a Nazi dictatorship and a whites-only Britain, is trying to establish itself as part of the mainstream of politics in the UK.

Plan to resist competitive model needed in Victorian schools

Recent elections in the Victorian branch of the Australian Education Union (AEU) have taken place at a challenging time for public schools and teachers. State education minister Bronwyn Pike has wholeheartedly signed onto the national policy agenda being promoted by Julia Gillard, which includes standardised ...

Rudd’s IR streamlining cuts rights and conditions

A generation of neo-liberal attacks dressed up as reform or restructuring have created deep suspicion among many workers about anything that’s described as “streamlining” conditions. And people are right to be cautious. Take the current round of award modernisation, which could lead to some workers losing $300 a ...