21 April 2014

Upcoming Solidarity Meetings

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Solidarity meets in cities all around the country. Check here for details of the latest upcoming meetings.


Click here for full details
Meetings 6pm every Wednesday Room G04, ground floor, Babel building, Melbourne University

Call Feiyi for 0416 121 616 for more info


Click here for full details
Meetings 7pm Thursdays at Brown St Hall, Brown St, Newtown [off King st, above Newtown Library]
Contact sydney [at] solidarity.net.au or 0432 221 516 for more info

For more information contact Mark on 07 3123 8585 or brisbane@solidarity.net.au

For more information contact Phil on 0423 696 312

For more information contact Geraldine on 0458 039 596


Who are Solidarity?

Solidarity is a socialist group with branches across Australia.
We are opposed to the madness of capitalism, which is plunging us into global recession and misery at the same time as wrecking the planet’s future. We are taking the first steps towards building an organisation that can help lead the fight for an alternative system based on mass democratic planning, in the interests of human need not profit. Read more about Solidarity here or check out details of our meetings and events here.

Contact Solidarity

Phone (02) 9211 2600
Email solidarity[at]solidarity.net.au
Post PO Box 375 Strawberry Hills NSW Australia 2012
Or use the contact page